Ximending – Taipei’s Busiest Shopping District

Hey guys! Still blogging about my trip last month to Taiwan – there’s lots of things to see and do here. After a long day of travelling and sightseeing in Jiufen, we were pooped – but one does not travel and not try to get in as much visiting as possible! Despite our tired and sore muscles, we dragged ourselves to the shopping district of Ximending later that evening. Good thing it was very near to our hotel 🙂

Ximending is like the Times Square of Taipei; an elaborate maze of neon signs and shops selling every article imaginable – clothing, phone/tablet accessories, electronics, cosmetics, food.. you name it, they got it. There are also cinemas, spas, massage parlours and quaint little cafes catering to tourists. On a weekend, this pedestrian-only zone is a vast sea of humans (sometimes walking dogs or toting small ones in their bags). The Taiwanese have a love affair with pet dogs.. as we shall soon see when we stopped by a place for dinner.

I am very much a cat person, but I like dogs as well so the sight of this floofy Golden Retriever at a storefront immediately compelled me. The shop is called Ah Mao (literally fluffy /furry) Risotto Restaurant. 

The inside was cosy (albeit a little stuffy) and cheerful, with murals of cute animals decorating the walls. There were also loads of Golden retriever pix, presumably of Ah Mao. Not sure if original dog, as I noticed later there were two dogs.

Ngaw that face.

Just looking at that happy smile makes you happy too, no?

The only thing sold there is risotto. They offer chicken, seafood and vegetarian options. I opted for the pork one which came with an onion-y/tomato-like base and a slice of garlic bread. Bread could have been crispier (it was kinda soggy) but the rice was warm and satisfying.


Wucang St, Sec 2,  武昌街2段48之1號 Taipei, Taiwan
+886 2 2388 8098

More exploring…

A movie theatre showing an erotic film? Curse my inability to read Chinese characters, haha. 

There was a huge crowd milling about one of the intersections, and we decided to be nosy as well. There were several street performers putting up shows. This black dude surprised everyone by speaking impeccable Mandarin (again, putting me to shame :P) and did some amazing stunts involving a tennis racket and him contorting his body through it. Hm.

His boyfriend/girlfriend must be one happy camper. 😀

I walked up and down the food street trying to locate this, but couldn’t find it. 😦


Ximending is the entire area around the subway station. Just alight at Ximen station (Green line). It’s rather dead in the daytime but night is another story 😀

5 thoughts on “Ximending – Taipei’s Busiest Shopping District

  1. I love Ximending! Actually, I think it’s quite as crowded during the day too, but maybe that’s my introverted self talking. =p Did you get a chance to try Ah-chung Mian Xian there?


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