Light Sensation @ MAEPS Serdang – 30,000 LED Roses


So yesterday, Evelyn and I were on our way home after food/movie/shopping at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya when we saw a big Ferris wheel on a dark field, peppered with sparkling lights. Thinking it was a fun fair, we randomly decided to make a U-turn and go check it out. Turns out it was the Light Sensation event happening at MAEPS Serdang, which has been extended to Oct 1 from its initial run of Sept 7 – 17. On the first day, they broke a Guinness World Record of ‘Most LED Lights lit in a Relay’, totalling 30,000 LED white ‘roses’, done in the shape of a hibiscus.


Honest opinion? The whole event is a tourist trap, lol. But since we were already there, we thought to hell with it and paid the parking fee of RM5 and RM20 (!) for the ticket. You can’t drive your car all the way to the venue because MAEPS is pretty big, so there are shuttle buses to ferry visitors from the carpark. I think visitor count has dropped drastically from its early run, but it was still pretty packed on the bus (which came on time and were fairly regular).

Once at the fest site, there were ushers to guide us where to go. You can also get pre-sale tickets at 7-11 for RM16. 


It was a short walk to the field of roses, and the view was quite lovely. Organizers said they chose all white to symbolize ‘purity’, ‘love’ and ‘hope’.

I got a lot of grass blades on my leggings and they itched like mad lol.



The night wasn’t that hot but I was sweating profusely by the time we made our way around the field. Because it was dark, it was hard to take pictures without flash. Observing the visitors, I noticed that there was always a designated ‘lighting’ person to provide flash from their smartphones so that the pix would turn out nicer, haha! :p The place was also popular with couples who sat on the grass admiring the views.


My phone cam was pretty shit, so.. sorry. Pix weren’t that nice. Also we were running low on batt after a long day out.




Best place for lighting was actually near the Ferris Wheel. You have to pay a separate fee to get on the ride.


There are tents overlooking the field where you can buy food/drinks and chill around. Over the hill is an observation tower, a couple of other props for taking pictures (a wall with ‘I Love You’ in different languages), as well as food trucks selling extremely overpriced snacks.


Is Light Sensation worth the entry price? Not really, but if you like this sort of thing, then by all means. It’s a nice place for couples to paktor, definitely.


3 thoughts on “Light Sensation @ MAEPS Serdang – 30,000 LED Roses

      1. It’s an event which is set up once a year in the cbd. It’s completely jam packed though.
        You feel like sardines.
        I’ve never been to Malaysia but I’ll be sure to check it out when I do 🙂


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