Paris Van Java Mall – Last Day in Bandung, Indonesia


After a fun two-day adventure in and around Bandung, the plan for the last day was just to kick back and chill… but the fam decided that we should make the most out of our time, so we went to the local mall, Paris Van Java.

I honestly would have liked to sleep in more since it was so early, and the shops wouldn’t be open anyway… but of course, when you’re travelling with your mom, she always has the last say. So it was that we got here at 9am..



Obviously nothing was open.

And then they looked at me and expected me to look for a spot for breakfast, which was really annoying because I had told them nothing was gonna be open this early. I couldn’t do anything about it, so we had some coffee and cakes at the only available option – Starbucks.

The mall wasn’t exactly dead though. Apparently they have a church/convention centre upstairs, so families were seen flocking to the upper floor.


Once 10am rolled in stores started to open. Unlike the fully air-conditioned malls in Malaysia, malls in Bandung have an open concept. The place carried most of the major international brands, selling clothes, bags and accessories.


Got some souvenirs to take home, and a mochi snack. Had to rush back to the hotel for check out, so we left around 11am.


Quick lunch at a resto near our hotel. After a few days of Indonesian spices and flavours, we were really missing some Chinese food, and this hit the spot. Dad had stir-fried veggies, meat and seafood with rice.


I had chicken noodles. This was great! Slightly salty, the meesua noodles were smooth and topped with loads of ingredients, such as chicken meat and crunchy onions.


Bro’s seafood fried rice. After the satisfying lunch, we sat in the hotel lobby and waited for our flight. Got back home safely before midnight.

Bandung has been super fun, and I loved the fact their beautiful natural attractions are so close to the city. The city itself is modern but laidback, with loads of food and convenient facilities. Did not manage to visit that many architectural buildings, but I’ll save that for the next time I’m back in the Paris of Java. 🙂


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