Lembang Begonia Flower Garden, Indonesia


The sun sets early in Bandung, so we didn’t have much daylight left by the time our car rolled into Lembang Begonia Flower Garden.Thankfully, it wasn’t a huge place so we could take a quick tour to look at the pretty flowers and garden decorations 🙂



Immediately upon entering,we were greeted by what else – loads of begonias! Most were in a velvety shade of dark pink and red.


The garden was tastefully decorated, with statues, shrubs, small gazebos and flower archways.

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Loved the sunflower section! The stalks were really tall, and the sunflowers were in full bloom, their yellow petaled faces gazing towards the sun and bobbing slightly in the wind.

We had some sunflowers in our garden once. They didn’t grow this tall/were this pretty. It must be the fresh mountain air and water here.

20160610_164404-tile 20160610_164414-tile

It was quite sunny – wish they had more shade, because the gazebos were angled at such a way that the sunlight would hit them anyway.

20160610_164533-tile 20160610_164929-tile 20160610_165258-tile

There was a nice wooden house on stilts outside the garden; not sure if museum or souvenir shop (?).We had to leave though coz the sky was getting dark.

Visitors have to pay a small entrance fee to get into the Lembang Begonia Garden. Overall, a great place to take your s/o out for a date, or if you just love flowers in general. 🙂


Jalan Maribaya No. 120A, Lembang, Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Open daily: 8am – 5pm

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