Transformers: Autobots, Roll Out to 1Utama!

While I was pretty gender neutral when it came to watching cartoons, I never really liked robot animations – hence, I missed out on the Transformers animated series, as well as well-loved classics like Astro Boy *gasp!*, Evangelion *double gasp!* and Gundam *what blasphemy!!* 

What I did watch was Beast Wars, a spinoff of the original Transformers. But other than that, I only got familiar with the brand when the movies came out.


Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of the cartoon/movie/toys by Hasbro, come check out the Transfromers on display at 1Utama Shopping Center, happening from now til June 5. And who says it’s just for kids? If you’re a collector or grew up watching the show in the 80s, it’s a good walk down memory lane. 🙂


Transformers Platinum Edition: Dinobot’s Figure Pack. I’m impressed by the level of detail in the figurines. I am also impressed with the price, which can cost as high as RM30 for a small, simple figurine. Whatever happened to RM5 toys?


RM34.90, wut? 




As part of the launch, they also had Transformers PS4 games. I realise I am out of touch with today’s generation when my character repeatedly died by jumping off cliffs… because I wasn’t familiar with the controls. Meanwhile, 10-year-olds were playing with the skill and dexterity of master gamers, their fingers moving skillfully while their eyes remain glued on the screens.

Ah, to be young again. I remember a time when I was a master gamer with 64-bit games, which you had to plug into the TV with a console, playing the likes of Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Tank. Good times.




Optimus Prime collection.



There was also a demonstration called ‘Fast Fingers’, where participants put together different figurines and combined them into large Transformer-bots.


Last but not least, special appearances by Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, as well as the unveiling of the yellow Camaro similar to the one used in the films!

The Transformers event is happening until June 5 at Centre Court, Old Wing, 1Utama Shopping Centre.

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