mapkl Art Gallery @ Publika, KL

The art scene in Malaysia is a small but growing one – and thankfully there are places like mapkl in Publika which offer a platform for veteran and budding artists to showcase their talent to the world.


Was in the mall for an event, so H & I dropped by for a quick peek. It’s my first time here. The space has open ceilings with overhanging mini spotlights, wooden parquet flooring and some benches where visitors can sit and admire the works.

Forgive me if I didn’t manage to get descriptions for each one; I might have missed some.

Enjoy the pictures!

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One of my favourite pieces was “Empathy” by Caryn Koh. 

Description: Empathy is a trait we lack here in our home. And it usually is the catalyst to the social problems we face, and needless to say, our list is endless. From the likes of racial discrimination, corruption, abuse within the home and workplace, homelessness, etc. And this is happening right in front of us. We have lost the ability to look outside our convenience and our own needs to appreciate the experiences, thoughts and beliefs of one another. But can we do more? Can we shout out and stand up for others? How many awareness campaigns do we need before the message goes beyond the tympanic and into our hearts? Our country will continue to bleed as we turn a blind eye to what’s happening in our surroundings. But for now, let’s start with being kind and compassionate to one another. 

I love this piece. I think it speaks volume about society and people today, especially those who live in urban environments. Our parents and grandparents lived in simpler times and communal settings eg in villages where everyone knew everyone else. Neighbours would visit each other during festivals, and kids can run around freely. Me, I only know the neighbours directly adjacent to my house, and one of them is not on talking terms coz of some misunderstanding lol. People teach their kids to ‘keep your nose out of other people’s business’ and not to stick their neck out or risk getting into trouble. We have become mistrusting and fearful.



Untitled by Rushdi Ahmad. 

Description: A couple who are chained down by metal weights. It is a symbolic representation of the burden that is being carried by the current generation. It can be caused by obstacles faced in their career, financial situations, mental issues and so on. The artist hopes that the viewers would ponder on the causes and solutions to this burden and look deeper into the issues that are dragging down the current generation. 

City life can be very stressful. We get swept up by capitalism and the rat race, constantly chasing an illusion of ‘better’ things – a bigger house, a bigger car. I’m glad that I’ve learnt how to manage expectations at an early age. I’m content with the things I have.


SWEG-WAY by Tomi-Heri x Pumoonkust 

Description: Technology is constantly evolving and introducing new creations to our generation. While these creations help ease the burden and improve the routine of mankind, it also seems to have a negative impact, indirectly encouraging mankind to adopt unhealthy lifestyles. Is this a fault caused by technological development? Or have we allowed technology to dominate our lives? 

Tech has helped us in a lot of ways. But yes, I agree it makes us lazier and ‘dumber’. Do you remember phone numbers these days? I used to be able to rattle off at least 10 numbers of close friends and fam by heart. Now I can’t even remember what my home number is. On the upside, stuff like Google calendar really helps me keep my meetings and work on track. I’m trying not to let myself get sucked into it too much. I don’t play with my phone when I’m having a meal with someone coz that’s just rude. I also save a lot compared to some of my friends who must have the latest of everything – they change smartphones every couple of months when their old model is perfectly usable.


 Cats. Anything with cats is brilliant. 


 Fish on ice-cream. Brilliant. 


Come check out these other amazing works at MAP ! The murals will be here until April 19.

MAPKL (White Box & Black Box)
Level G2-01, Block A5,
Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Gallery opening hours dependent on the event, but generally: Monday – Sunday (11am – 6pm)

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