Make It Happen by Maybelline

Remember that defining jingle ? ‘Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe it’s Maybelline’. 

Yeah, I sang that song in my head.

After years in the industry, Maybelline New York has finally revamped their brand with a new tagline : Make It Happen, to stay relevant to a new generation of women. They introduced a range of products and ‘It’ girls who come from all walks of life, to represent the new ‘face’ of the brand.


The center court of Mid Valley Megamall was crowded with guests, beauty bloggers and media.


The ‘It’ girls (left) and guest finalists from Asia’s Next Top Model 2015, who showcased the looks done using Maybelline products.


Makeup in session.



They gave media a starter kit each. There’s White Superfresh powder liquid, Magnum Barbie mascara, blacker than black eyeliner, and rosy Matte lipstick.

I don’t wear makeup often, becoz I’m constantly rushing from one place to another and it makes me feel uncomfortable. But I know how makeup purportedly gives ‘confidence’ to a lot of women. It’s just not my thing, beyond eyeliner. I respect those who choose to wear it though – Idk how you guys do it all day, everyday. It’s hard work!

You might have noticed that this post is pretty short. Let’s just say I found the event and theme to be a little… shallow for my taste. It wasn’t about ’empowerment’ as they wanted to position it, and the campaign seemed pretentious. I liked their old tagline better lol.

I took a break from blogging for a bit – just finished rushing my magazine deadline and I really want to take this time to rest. And play Borderlands 2.


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