Hotel Review: Rucksack Caratel, Malacca

When a friend of mine went to Malacca, she posted a picture of her room at the Rucksack Caratel – a newly opened designer boutique hotel just a few minutes away from Dutch Square. It looked so cool and comfy that I booked a room for a trip. Almost didn’t get it because the place was fully booked!


For RM200 a night, the price was steeper than backpacker hotels… but worth it just for the convenience (and the room!).

The lobby area is open, with loads of natural sunlight filtering in, leafy green plants and tasteful, hipster-ish decorations like a swinging tire and a Foosball table. The hotel is also right next to the backdoor of the Malacca Palace Replica, with beautiful garden views.


Taking glass elevator up to our room on the 2nd floor. So much pretty


Passed by this blackboard where you can leave messages.


Room got full marks for style and comfort. Minimalist design, big windows, glass on wood. Clean white walls and sheets were accented by dark shades and blown up vintage photos. The toilet and shower were separated into cubicles, but the sink and toiletries + coffee making facilities were laid out on a smooth long table next to the bed. Love the design!


TV had loads of channels to choose from. If we weren’t sightseeing around Malacca I would have gladly just stayed in bed  all day and ordered pizza lol.


Breakfast was included so we went down the next morning for some chow. The buffet was very basic – fried noodles, fried rice, toast, cereal and chicken curry. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a kitchen coz there’s no room service.. but you can buy snacks, drinks and ice-cream from the concierge.



There was a small pool outside. We didn’t get to swim in it coz we were pressed for time.


Bikes for rent on the patio. On the right are some drums that have been converted into seats.


And then we met this little girl.  She belongs to the owner and was seen walking in and out of the lobby and playing outside together with her black coloured sibling. Super manja and curious. ❤


Ngaw. I’m assuming it’s a she because she had tricoloured fur.


“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. If you can conquer a man’s head, you can conquer mountains.”


The black sibling. They were so pretty in contrast,  the white and the black. I thought of calling them Ivory and Ebony. ❤

Rucksack Caratel is a great place to stay – convenient, comfy, stylish and great for Instagram photos (lol). If you’re driving, there is limited parking in front of the hotel. They might ask you to leave your keys with them since trucks use the Palace backdoor and they’ll have to move your vehicle. The attractions are all within 10-15 mins walk away. It would be great if they have a proper kitchen and more variety with their breakfast, but anyway, there are loads of restaurants nearby. And I think any small, homely hotel with such cute cats deserves an A in my books.


107 Jalan Banda Kaba 75000 Melaka

Tel: +6 06 2922107


Or visit : for more info.

3 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Rucksack Caratel, Malacca

  1. Looks absolutely nice! Thank you for the review! As someone who reviews hotels on his blog himself, it’s always a pleasure to read other reviews 🙂


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