Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon@ Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

As far as theme parks go in Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon takes the cake. Opened in 1997, the place is massive (I’d know. I ran a race here before and it left me half dead). Even though it’s pretty old, it hasn’t lost its appeal, attracting millions of visitors every year. The dry rides are meh (pirate ship, coaster, ferris wheel.. standard stuff), but the real winner is their wet theme park. Slides, tubes, 5D water theatres, surf beach, a massive Vuvuzela, wave machine… you name it, they got it.

Image credit: Sunway Lagoon

And now….they’ve opened up a new section called Nickelodeon’s Lost Lagoon: the first Nickelodeon themed amusement park in Asia. Visitors can enjoy 14 new rides in addition to the existing ones at no extra charge. Of course, I couldn’t miss it when they invited me and my colleagues to attend the launch!


From the surf beach entrance, it was a good 10min walk under the hot sun to the Lost Lagoon area. Thankfully, media gets star treatment and we were ferried right to the doorstep on a train. 🙂


The entrance overlooks the pond/volcano structure sitting in the middle of Sunway Lagoon.


Clowns and performers dressed in tribal costumes to suit the ‘Lost Lagoon’ theme greeted guests as part of the launching gimmick.


This reminded me of that gameshow I used to watch as a kid called Legends of the Hidden Temple. Made to look like an ancient temple, there were animal motifs alongside weathered brick and overgrown tree trunks.

20160202_110207-tile 20160202_110315-tile

Walking through an avenue lined with quirky fish statues.


Souvenir shop. There were also food stalls where we got free flow of snacks.



It was a very sunny day and the fan (?) did jack all to cool us lol.


Media area. The VIPS arrived and gave their speeches.

The gazebos and decorations were a quirky mix of Nickelodeon and tribal motifs. Notice that the hut is shaped like a pineapple. I dont have to tell you which Nickelodeon character lives in a pineapple under the sea, right? 😀 The tree branch is obscuring it, but Spongebob was sitting right at the top of the water feature. Mascots of the well-loved cartoons including Dora the Explorer, Boots and Patrick Starfish also made an appearance.


Slime time! The green bucket was filled with goo which poured onto a couple of poor kids at the bottom of the pool lol.

After that, we were given free reign of the park for the day so we could try out the rides! Colleagues and I changed into our wetsuits, dumped our stuff into the locker and headed out. They closed the Lagoon area until 2pm, so we went to the main water theme park area for the Vuvuzela ride.

Had an unpleasant experience with a staff member. I was wearing my glasses, and didn’t realise it wasn’t allowed on the ride. He stopped me at the bottom and said I had to remove them. There were no lockers nearby and I am blind as a bat without my glasses, so I told him I won’t be able to see. Mind you, I was perfectly civil.

“Oh, you can’t see ah? Then you can’t ride lah.” he said rudely.

Wow. I didn’t want to make a scene because we were there to have fun after all, so I looked at him, shook my head and said “You have great attitude”. Sunway Lagoon, you seriously need to look at training your staff to behave like human beings with manners…. especially a particular staff member manning the Vuvuzela ride at 1pm on Feb2.


That unpleasant episode aside, we had loads of fun. Once the Lost Lagoon opened, we hopped on over there and went on the Jungle Fury. This was so fun we went on it twice. The first time felt dangerous because the staff actually pushed the tube into the slide before everyone was ready, and I barely hung onto the handles. The ride was so bumpy that I almost got thrown off a couple of times. But hey, that’s what made it adrenaline pumping!

Image credit: Sunway Lagoon

There was a long line waiting for the Monsoon 360, where guests drop almost vertically down the slide. I was too chicken to go on this lol.

Image credit: Sunway Lagoon

Last but not least, the Kurabango, which I also sat on twice. That steep drop on the right makes it feel as if your heart is flying out of your chest –  and just when you thought it was okay, your tube propels backwards again at top speed. Woot!

Also went on two other slides called Cobra Creek and Boa Constrictor – good, fun and exciting slides that get your blood running but won’t give you a heart attack.

The Lost Lagoon is a great addition to the existing water rides at Sunway Lagoon, and the good news is there is no extra charge. There’s a good balance of exhilarating (for you adrenaline junkies out there) and family-friendly (baby pools, small slides, etc for the kids) so I recommend coming here to experience it for yourself. 🙂

Tickets: Adult Malaysian (12 years and above – RM120), Child (RM96).

Opening hours : 10am – 6pm (Daily). Come during weekdays if possible, weekends are mad. Unless you don’t mind lining up for like an hour for one ride.


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