Malacca Zoo, Malaysia

These last two weeks have been crazy.

The long holidays lulled me into a false sense of chill…. and then BAM! I’ve been swamped with work with articles to write and events to cover almost every single day. Doesn’t help that the deadline for our next issue is in 10 more days D:

Anyway, I’ll do what I do best – procrastinate by blogging. lol.


After coming back from Manila, E and I decided to head to Malacca. A two hour drive from KL, this historic state was once an important trade route and was conquered by many different powers, including the Portuguese, Dutch, English and Japanese – leaving behind a rich legacy of buildings and cultures.

The weather was sunny as we set off from home. All these road trippy songs came on the radio, like The Pixies ‘Where is My Mind’ and ‘I Am The Walrus’ cover by Bono from U2. Took them as a good sign that the trip would go well (it didn’t. he fell sick lol).


Our first stop on the way to city center was Malacca Zoo in Alor Gajah. The second largest zoo in Malaysia, this 54 acre park was once a wildlife rescue base and currently houses over 1,200 animals. Despite being a Sunday, it was pretty empty during our visit.


Vibrant-coloured blue and yellow macaws greeted visitors at the entrance with shrill cries.

The zoo has different sections, with an aviary, mousedeer enclosure, reptile house, and more. Some of the facilities were run down, like the toilet. There were also branches and leaves strewn everywhere, spilling onto walkways. It left the place feeling unkempt and jungle-y, somehow.

Speaking of jungles, there were loads of fire ants crawling all over the place, so be careful when stepping around especially off the pavement.


I find it adorable how these lovebirds seem to constantly be making the ‘double chin face’.

20160214_100606-tile 20160214_100830-tile

We caught the animals during feeding time. A pair of white rhinos (which were not white when we saw them) were munching on grass along with a lone, skinny wildebeest. It looked pretty malnourished D:


Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world. They don’t look so much like rodents as they do furry pigs.


“Why good morning Alfred. Nice weather we’re having.”

“It certainly is, John. What do you think’s for breakfast today?”


“Don’t give me that look, I don’t want to put you in a cage either. I told you to eat your medicine on time, didn’t I? You know how crazy you get when you don’t take your meds”


Some type of deer. Pretty sure they’re not mouse deer coz I don’t remember them having horns.

There’s an interesting story that all Malaysian kids learn in history about the founding of Malacca.

Parameswara, a Srivijayan prince, was the ruler of Singapura (Singapore) in the 1400s,  before the invasion of the Majapahit forced him to flee to Malacca. While in this new land, the prince rested under a Melaka tree and saw his hunting dog being kicked into the river by a tiny mousedeer (they weigh about 0.7kg to 8kg). Taking this as a good omen (although small, the mousedeer was fearless against a hunting dog many times its size), he decided to found a new kingdom and hence, Malacca was born. It quickly became one of the most important trading ports in Southeast Asia, even making trade relations as far as Arab and China.

Hail the tiny mousedeer! They’re adorable by the way. Like a fat round thing with spindly legs.


Graceful giraffes nomming on leaves.

20160214_103909-tile 20160214_104208-tile

Why hello there, ladies.


Bullseye butt. These deer scared easily. E accidentally made a sudden movement and they scattered so fast it scared us lol.


Dinosaurs Ostriches. Scientists now believe that birds are the modern day descendants of dinos.


Sleeping leopard. An impressive set of balls.


Tiger resting in the shade.

Sometimes they look so fluffy and cat-like that it’s easy to forget that they can kill you.


A mama tigress and her cub getting some R&R. Aww.


“Have you no manners, sir? Can’t you see that I’m eating?”

This was one picky hornbill. There was a whole tray of fruits, but it only picked out the papaya and left all the bananas intact. lol.


Mean geese that honked at us. I bet they would have chased us if it weren’t for the fence. Ever been pecked by a goose? It hurts like a biatch


Orangutans chilling on a platform.


Is that you, Baloo?


Last but not least, two Asian elephants. They were orange from dried mud, probably to keep cool in the sweltering heat. Visitors can buy food to feed them. But instead of fruits and veggies, the zoo sold packets of bread (??) – must not be very nutritious for the elephants.

Malacca Zoo is okay to visit if you’ve run out of places to go to in Malacca. Needs better maintenance, but there are some nice animals here that I think kids (and adults) would enjoy seeing.


75450, Malacca, Malaysia.

Opening hours: Daily (9am – 6pm)

*They have Night Safari on Fris-Sats (8pm- 11pm)

Ticket price: Adults (Malaysian – RM17.80), Children (Malaysian – RM7.10)

Phone: +60 6-232 4053

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