TRIKSTARS: Masters of Trickery at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

School holidays are something to look forward to at Sunway Lagoon, as each year they bring in amazing international acts and entertainment from around the world. Last year, it was LumiAir – an circus/acrobatic ensemble from France. I went to watch that with my ex-colleague, and really enjoyed it!  It had everything: death-defying stunts, colourful and energetic dances, elaborate costumes and fun, fantasy storylines which reminded me of my childhood and watching the Royal London Circus (it was very popular back then!)

This year,  the theme park will be kicking it up a notch with TRIKSTARS: Masters of Trickery, featuring a star-studded cast of magicians and illusionists. Expect trickery and illusions of the highest order, delivered by award winning performers from Las Vegas and Europe.


I was lucky enough to attend a sneak preview earlier this week at Sunway Lagoon. 🙂

The production is put together by Dion Randall Productions, an Australian entertainment production house led by husband and wife team Nina and Adam Bahoudian (above, center). They have over 30+ years of experience in the field, so rest assured this will be a great show. This is also the first time they’re organising one on Malaysian shores!


First up on the sneak preview was Nightmares by Magus Utopia, all the way from the Netherlands. This magical ensemble have won numerous awards since 1997 (!) Combining unique storytelling with strong visuals and magic, their performance consisted of the yellow guy in blue suspenders being tied up by two creepy fiends. After which they plucked a member of the audience wearing a blazer, disappeared behind a black curtain and voila! Emerging just seconds later, the seemingly tied up dude had put on the audience member’s clothing 🙂

How’d they do it? Unfortunately for us press, they aren’t allowed to reveal their secrets!


Next on stage were Sebastian and Kristina, illusionists and magicians from Hungary. The duo performed the classic ‘sword box’, replacing knives with umbrellas. Sebastian opened up the simple paper box and folded it to show that there were no secret compartments, before his partner climbed in and he started driving umbrellas through the box with gusto.


Of course, you know how this turns out. The lovely lady emerged unscathed. 🙂


The cast with Sunway Lagoon general manager Sean Choo (in blue) and Adam and Nina (center).

Other acts that will be in the  90-minute show:

  • The Wizardy of Phelston Jones: blending magic and comedy as he picks on audience members to help out with his illusions
  • King Charles Troupe: the first all African-American troupe to play in the Ringling Circus, this group of youths play a game of high-energy basketball in a razzle-dazzle style on unicycles; as they dribble, pass, shoot and weave their way on the court-stage.
  • Sylvester the Jester: Known as the ‘real-life’ Cartoon. Looking forward to how he translates this on stage!
  • Rudy Coby: The ‘coolest’ magician on Earth.
  • To cap it off: Songstress J’aime Holland of Deep Creek Road fame will be serenading the crowd with tunes!

TRIKSTARS will be running from Dec 5 – 20 at the Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon at 8pm (except Tuesdays).

Tickets are priced at RM194 (Adult – VIP), RM144 (Adult -Normal) and RM164 (Child – VIP), RM114 (Child-Normal)

To book your tickets, go to :


*Photos courtesy of Sunway Lagoon/GoComm



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