Who, or what inspires you to be the very best that you can be?

A family member, a friend, a hobby, a passion?

This is the question that the people behind the Best of You 2015 exhibition asked Malaysians and Singaporeans. And they have delivered hundreds of brave, touching and inspiring stories, to be shared with everyone from October 28 to Nov 1 at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. 


These are stories in writing, photos, art, music, and film, by everyday,ordinary people. Stories by people like you and me. Which is why when I was going through the displays, some really touched my heart and had tears welling up in my eyes.

There was one about how this woman broke free from her traditional Asian boundaries to pursue a career as a scuba diver. As an Asian kid in a traditional household, conforming has always been an issue, and I admired the writer for her courage.

There were many who talked about their parents, and how their sacrifices has made such a difference to the lives of their children, and how their resilience and love has brought out the best in them.


One of the most touching sections was the one where members of the public got to take polaroid photos and write a short caption to go along with it.


Art pieces by ‘The Leaf Man’.


Photographs by Humans of Kuala Lumpur.

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There were art pieces by both amateur and professional artists, expressing their stories through paintings, portraits, carvings.




So if you’re not doing anything over the weekend, come check out The Best of You 2015 exhibition at IOI City mall, Putrajaya. Find a story that resonates with your own. And be inspired. 🙂