Ikea Cheras to Open By End November

Ikea, the Swedish home and furnishing giant, has finally decided to open it’s second outlet here in Malaysia. No longer do we have to brave the horrific nightmare of traffic that is Mutiara Damansara! Now we just have to go through the one in Cheras instead. šŸ˜›

IKEA Cheras Prototype Image_2
Image: Ikea Malaysia

Jokes aside, the new outlet is sure to satisfy even the craziest home and furnishing peeps out there. The place is Massive. With a capital M.

We were one of the first media to visit the almost-complete site along Jalan Cochrane for a ‘Roof Capping’! It’s a traditional Swedish ceremony where parts of the roof are put together to celebrate the end of a project. There was no actual roof to put together, but I still had loads of fun visiting the place. šŸ™‚ The warehouse alone is ginormous, and when the outlet finally opens it’s doors, will cover some 42,000 sq m (A football field is about 7,000 sq m… so you do the math) and is the largest in South East Asia.


Since it’s still a construction site, we were given protective orange vests and safety helmets to wear. There were many workers busy putting up the finishing touches to the building.


Didn’t I say Massive?


IKEA Cheras Roof Capping_Mike King & Lingam #3

So what can you expect here? Quality items at affordable prices, according to Ikea Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand retail director Mike King. More choices, more living space sets, more everything.

Image credit: Ikea Malaysia Facebook

And then we had food and fun, Swedish style.

Image credit: Ikea Malaysia Facebook
Image credit; Ikea Malaysia Facebook
Image credit: Ikea Malaysia Facebook


I like the food from Ikea, especially the meatballs. It feels… fresh and homemade, somehow. They didn’t have meatballs during the event, but I dug into some delicious pasta bolognaise, a chicken wrap and some pieces of baguette topped with salad shrimp. So. Good.


Coming to you end November!


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