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The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important celebration for Chinese and Vietnamese folk all over the world. Celebrating unity, ties and togetherness, family members (and sometimes friends!) will gather at night for a dinner and to play with lanterns, eat mooncakes and chat while gazing at the full moon.


As I mentioned before in my previous post, the only gazing we were doing in Malaysia was at the food on the dinner table, because the haze from the fires in neighbouring Indonesia was so bad, we couldn’t go outside. ._.

The fam and I went over to my aunt’s place for a simple but yummy home-cooked dinner. With everyone’s busy schedules, it’s not always that we get to sit down together like this. 🙂


Curry leaf shrimp. Aromatic taste and smell from curry leaves all coated around springy shrimp, minus the spiciness 🙂


Chicken with shiitake mushrooms, garlic and dried oysters (hou si). Hou si is often used in dishes, especially during special occasions, because it sounds like ‘good things’ or ‘good happenings’ in Cantonese 🙂


Traditional snacks eaten during the Mooncake fest – mooncakes! The brown things are small yams, while the black, devil-looking nuts are water caltrop, or ‘devil’s pod’. This was the first time I had them and they tasted terrible ._.


With the fam. I took the liberty of editing their faces coz I’m not sure if they’d be comfortable having their faces plastered on a public blog. 😀

Once again, Happy Mid Autumn Fest, guys!


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