New Job!

Hullo, bebehs.

I’m blogging with my brand new Lenovo U41!

Okay, technically it’s not mine – I got one for work thanks to the office – but it feels nice to type on a crisp keyboard without having to slam down hard on the keys (like with my own lappie, which I’ve had for four years).


Speaking about work, I started my new job today! It was a relatively uneventful first day – set up my accounts, emails and stuff. My team is really small – only six people and two full-time writers – but they were a really friendly bunch and I found myself laughing along to their jokes throughout the day. The big boss seemed nice, and my HOD also seemed like the low power distance type, which suits me fine. But let’s give it a month and see how it goes. I would really like to have more writing duties, but was told that I might have to do editor-stuff soon because they are expanding and my current editor will move on to more strategic and management level stuff things.

I think it’ll be a crazy two months of crunch time coz they’re rushing to produce a physical magazine,but it will be interesting with a very steep learning curve. Let’s see how I can challenge myself. :>

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