Thank You.

I handed in my resignation letter today.

As of next month, I will be leaving for another company.

Everyone was so nice, it made me want to cry. I was expecting looks of disapproval, but all I got were kind words and understanding.

My executive editor said, “You’re still young. Go do something you enjoy.”

My head editor, V, said,”We’ll miss you here.”

Another editor, S, said,”I’m sorry to see you go. You’re one of the good, young writers with the right attitude.”

I swear I would have cried right there, but we were talking outside the toilet lol.

Working with my company for the past two years has taught me so much, and it pains me to have to leave. I have come to see some of my colleagues as friends, not just work mates. Sure, there are some whom I didn’t get along well with, but generally, the people at my desk are some of the nicest colleagues one can hope for. We have annual dinners and team building sessions to foster better relationships, and I can say that I have one of the nicest big bosses around. I mean, how often do you find companies and people like that?

And although my editors can be super infuriating (especially when they’re chasing us for stories!) I know I will miss all of them. Not to mention my bunch of crazy colleagues. I am sorry I didn’t get to know some of you better, but I hope our paths will cross again in the future.

In the meantime, I am extremely grateful for everything. And trust me, I’m leaving not because I’m unhappy, but I need to look for my own sense of purpose and to do what I really want. There is always a risk with change, but we can only move forward and not look behind.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Star Metro team.

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