Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

SO after 10 days of fun in Los Angeles, we finally got to Vacaville, California. And guess who I finally got to meet!


Jeppeh! He’s as soft and fluffy as he looks on camera.

At first he was scared to come closer…But I’d like to think he warmed up towards me the last couple of days…..


….Or did he?


Anyway, we were up and raring to explore San Francisco – an hour’s drive from Vacaville. We figured that taking public transport would eat up a lot of our time, so we rented a car instead.

The Californian skies that morning was an expansive, cloudless blue. 🙂

SAM_8763-tile SAM_8773-tile

San Francisco is a bay, and the ocean currents create a dense fog. Immediately upon approaching we could see a very large cloud hanging over the area, as if all the clouds had gathered from the surroundings into one place.

I’ve only seen the Golden Gate Bridge on TV and in pictures, so it was a surreal feeling as our car approached the iconic red structure.


Entering Silent Hill… D:

It was so foggy we could barely see the ocean. There were many tourists walking and cycling along the pedestrian pathways.


Opened in 1937, the SF Golden Gate Bridge has become a symbol of modern America and is considered by many as an engineering feat. Before the bridge was built, people had to take a ferry across the bay.

We took a stroll in a park overlooking the bridge and bay area. There were helpful signages and info boards for tourists, as well as local tour groups which you can join for a fee.



It was quite foggy, but the bridge was still visible. We were lucky because after our visit, visibility was so low on subsequent days that the top of the bridge couldn’t be seen at all.


Alcatraz, just visible as a rocky outcropping in the distance. One of my regrets is not visiting the prison because the tickets were so expensive. Perhaps next time..


Facebook cover photo lol.


The park itself was pretty, although not very well maintained as there was litter and random stuff lying around and graffiti sprayed across some of the structures. The ones shaped like tunnels reeked of weed and urine.


That aside, Golden Gate Bridge itself is a marvel and as they say, you can’t come to SF and not visit this place.

Getting There 

The San Francisco MUNI bus will take you to and from the Golden Gate Bridge. The MUNI route that takes you there is #28. If you wish to take public transportation across to the other side of the bridge, you will need to use the Golden Gate Transit system. Routes 10, 20, 80 and 101 on that system cross the bridge.

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