The Space Shuttle: Endeavour @ California Science Center, LA


Hello! Picking off where we left off after a fun-filled visit to the nearby LA County Museum of Natural History , we walked a short distance to a futuristic-looking building shaped like a bell curve – the California Science Centre. 

Located within the large grounds of LA’s Exposition Park, the science centre is directly opposite a stadium. There was an event going on there because we saw many high school kids in prom getup.

Anyway, we got a package tour – An IMAX 3D film and the Endeavour exhibit. The film that we watched was The Hubble: 3D, a documentary about space exploration. I was still so fatigued from my long flight from Malaysia, that I fell asleep 5mins into the film and spent the remaining hour sleeping, despite the surround sound and everything. You could imagine how tired I was!


After the film (lol), we were ushered into the main building. Staff will guide visitors with the Endeavour ticket to the special exhibition hall.


“I want these for my car..”


Memorabilia from space explorers. It must have been a lonely journey, eating cold, canned food and with nothing to see outside but darkness for weeks on end. This also reminds me of Chris Hadfield’s version of Space Oddity, where he plays a guitar and sings in..well, space.


Control center replica.


The star of the exhibits – the Endeavour! It was humbling to gaze on this marvel of human technology that has been to the stars and back. It started its first journey in 1992, and had its last in 2011 before being ‘retired’ into a museum exhibit.It was named after a ship, the HMS Endeavour captained by James Cook in the 1700s. A fitting name.The old Endeavour explored uncharted waters, just as the modern Endeavour explored uncharted space.


The cynical part of me said: “It’s ironic that mankind can fly into space yet can’t solve their shit on the planet. Like global poverty. Or lack of access to clean water. I mean, so what if you can reach the stars?”


Training hatch.


Massive, powerful engines.

SAM_7868-tile SAM_7871-tile

Allocate at least half a day for the place if you’re planning on a visit, coz it’s pretty big! Entrance to the regular exhibits are free, but if you want to look at the Shuttle and watch the film there are ticket charges.


700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles,
CA 90037, United States
Open daily : 10am – 5pm

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