Kek Lok Tong Cave Temples, Ipoh

Ipoh is famous for its beautiful limestone hills – and people in the past must have thought so too! Otherwise, they wouldn’t have set up so many temples within the large, chamber-like caves snuggled in the quiet calm of Gunung Rapat.  Of particular note is Kek Lok Toong, a Chinese temple that has been used as a place of worship since the early 1920s.


Today, it is a popular spot among tourists and devotees alike. Chinese New Year is often a busy time for the temple as people flock to offer prayers and wish for blessings for the upcoming year ahead.

Tiny, ornate deity statues line the cave’s mouth, depicting mythical settings of gods riding on dragons, phoenixes and heavenly lions.



The inside is cavernous, with a natural, high-vaulted ceiling. I like how the architects have built the temple around the contours of the cave. Despite the intense heat outside, the interior was cool with an occasional breeze passing through.



Stalactite and stalagmite formations dating back to millions of years, beautifully crafted by water and time. Lots and lots of time.

Nature is a patient craftsman.


The main prayer hall features three golden deities on marble altars, their skin reflecting the sun’s rays.

SAM_6837-tile SAM_6841-tile

The cave connects through to a hidden garden of sorts, which is nicely landscaped with recreational facilities, a lake and jogging tracks. The mountains remind me of the beautiful green hills of Tam Coc, Vietnam.


Sweet,friendly resident canine 🙂

Kek Lok Tong Temple 

Open Daily, 7am – 6pm
Kek Lok Tong
Gunung Rapat,

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