Kwan Yin Tong Cave Temple, Ipoh Perak

Perak is famous for it’s cave temples, built into many of the state’s beautiful limestone hills. One of the popular ones is Perak Kwan Yin Tong. Dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, the temple is located at the base of Gunung Rapat (which literally translated to ‘close mountain’, along with a few other temples.) What makes this one special is the numerous Kwan Yin statues, which total around 75++.



At the entrance is a small stream lined with bags of tiny fishes. This is a practice called ‘fong sang‘ or to ‘release’ living things, because it is said to give you good karma by giving trapped animals freedom. (kinda hypocritical since you caught them just so you can release them in the first place lol )


A part of the temple was decorated with lots of hanging red lanterns. A smiling golden Buddha greeted visitors as they flocked to the altar to offer prayers.

SAM_6754-tile SAM_6755-tile

One of the inner chambers is dedicated to the goddess Kuan Yin, and is filled with rows and rows of her statues robed in gold. It was extremely smokey inside from the joss sticks and incense. Monks in saffron garb sat near the large statue at the center, to offer blessings and prayers to devotees.

SAM_6756-tile SAM_6758-tile SAM_6764-tile

Prayer candles. You can light one up for a donation to the temple. Funds to run places of worship are usually contributed by the public and Good Samaritans.


Prayer lights in the shape of lotus flowers. These blooms are popular in Buddhism because they grow in muddy water to blossom into beautiful petals – representing achieving enlightenment even in a dark environment. The Buddha is often depicted sitting on a lotus flower.

**I like the meaning behind this, so I got a tattoo of a lotus on my back, to symbolise a light of hope in the darkest of times and to remind myself that no matter how hard the going gets, I should stay strong.



Random well. Some Chinese temples are very touristy, so expect to see ‘attractions’ within the same compound where people offer prayers to gods.


It was nice and serene walking at the foot of the hills, surrounded by greenery and statues of deities.


Another inner chamber, this one right within a nook of the hill’s overhanging cliffs.

SAM_6780-tile SAM_6781-tile SAM_6783-tile SAM_6788-tile

Four-faced Siamese Buddha.


Hundreds of tiny Buddhas adorn the wall of the cliff.

SAM_6792-tile SAM_6802-tile

Pavilion lined with more golden statues of Kuan Yin.

There is also a 3D art museum if you want to kill more time after praying.

One of those places you really should visit if ever in Ipoh! 🙂


Lot 21606, Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Gopeng, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, 1, Ipoh, Perak

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