Dai Nam Zoo, Binh Duong Vietnam


Hi and welcome to another part of my trip to Dai Nam, a sprawling tourist complex in Binh Duong Province and the pride of Vietnam – being one of it’s first and largest theme parks. The dry park was a bit of a disappointment and we didn’t go to the man made beach, but we did drop by the zoo for an hour before heading back to Ho Chi Minh City.


At the entrance, we are greeted by cartoonish figures of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. My horse looks more like a cow donkey hybrid, but points for trying, ja?

We rented one of the small tourist buggies which took us around the smallish zoo and stopped where we wanted to take pix.


Small animals section. Here are some porcupines. Some of the enclosures looked unkempt, and there were ‘extra’ wildlife scurrying around… by that I mean huge ass rats scampering across the rocks.


A sad looking wildebeest (?)


We spent a lot of time looking at these white and black gibbons. They looked really fluffy and energetic, swinging left and right while some visitors tried to give them food (even though there were signs clearly saying that you shouldn’t). There was a mamma gibbon with a baby clinging to her belly… so cute!!! But my camera didn’t manage to capture the pictures.


Inter-species besties



The white tiger enclosure. They really acted like big cats… ones that can kill you and eat you, but still cats all the same.


Dedicated journalists at work.



Another shared house arrangement which seemed like they were getting along fine – a couple of black dogs and a big cat. Apparently the sign said they had been living together since the dogs were puppies and the tiger was a cub.


Baloo so chill

Overall I’d say the zoo was the best part of our visit to Dai Nam. Although some of the enclosures weren’t well kept, the animals appeared fine and there were quite a number of things to see, like the white tigers, lions, hippos, etc.


We missed exploring the Historical area where they have all the big structures and temples. But other than that, I don’t think Dai Nam was worth our two hour ride from HCMC.


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