Vietnamese Cuisine at Tam Coc, Vietnam

Do you like Vietnamese food? I think it’s very vegetable-heavy ,something that isn’t quite to my taste. 😀 But then again, I haven’t had much variety except for pho and what they serve at the local Viet restuarants in Malaysia.

Our first Vietnamese meal after arriving in Hanoi was a restaurant near Tam Coc (the Three Caves), a nice wooden building with air-conditioned interior. I can’t remember what it’s called because there were no signages. There were lots of Korean tourists.


Their specialty is goat’s meat served with a sliced fruit (?) or vegetable that tasted slightly sour and with a coarse texture on the tongue, like unripe plantains. The mutton was grilled and quite tender.



We were told to eat it wrapped in rice paper rolls, which were translucent and looked like plastic sheets. I was wondering if they were really edible, because they didn’t look like any food I’ve ever had. They make a crackly sound like paper when you rustle them.


Placed everything onto the rice paper with some fish sauce, then wrapped it up into a roll and popped it into my mouth. The rice paper is crispy on the outside and melts once it touches saliva. The goat meat was chewy and well-marinated, while the herbs and vege(?) gave it a well-balanced flavour. Felt really healthy eating it lol.


….and then proceeded to negate everything by gorging on fried food, lol. Most of it was seafood because we had to cater to one of our Muslim group members. She wouldn’t even eat chicken coz she said it might not be Halal.

The seafood was well-prepared, especially the fish cutlets. We dipped everything in more fish sauce and chilli.


There was so much food we couldn’t finish it, so we told our guide to instruct the cooks to make less next time. No point in wasting.

SAM_1955-tile SAM_1946-tileEverytime we went to a restaurant, they gave us a choice of either Fanta, Coke or water. I think I drank my whole year’s quote in those few days lol.

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