Review: Roast Kitchen, Cyberjaya


Update: Roast Kitchen Cyberjaya is now closed. 

I don’t really like newsy assignments coz my editors always bug me to send it in quickly, even if it means skipping meals (deadlines are more important!) but I’ve learnt that work can never be truly done and I’m over stressing out on these things… it makes me depressed and my gastric flares up if I don’t have regular meals.

I guess that separates me from a dedicated journalist. 😀

So I went to one government event today, which was a closed-door meeting and the media had to wait outside for three effing hours. I mean, if you’re only going to comment after, why did you call us to go early in the morning? Bejeesus. By the time it was over, it was already 1pm and I hadn’t eaten anything except a cup of milk for breakfast. I knew I had to send in the story by the day, but my stomach had a higher priority…


I dropped by quickly at Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya for a meal. Passed by a relatively new restaurant called Roast Kitchen, which serves roast chicken and duck. It had a lot of newspaper cuttings plastered outside the shop, so I decided to give it a go. The decor is nice, clean and tidy, with orange, black and wooden chairs/tables, as well as pictures of food lining the walls.



Their specialty turned out to be my favourite, roast duck. One can opt for rice or noodles to go along with the meat. I had rice. It came poured over with an ‘aromatic’ sweet and savoury soy sauce. The duck had the right amount of fat under the crispy skin, while the meat was cooked well without having the gamey taste duck meat often has. Pretty decent roast duck rice! The soup that came with it was also done well, with a buttery aftertaste.

For the meal together with a glass of warm water, the bill was Rm10.45. It’s okay considering the environment/location. You can’t get cheap food in Klang Valley these days anyway. 😡 sigh

The good thing about the place? It’s HALAL. So our Malay-Muslim friends can dine here as well! It’s hard to find authentic Chinese-style cooking that caters to Muslims; I always feel that Chinese food for Muslims tends to be prepared by Malays and has lost the true blue Chinese cooking flavours.



They also have set lunches.



Unit P1-23 Shaftsbury Square

2350 Persiaran Multimedia Cyber 6,

63000 Cyberjaya




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