Ipoh Food Trip: Tuck Kee Roast Duck + Yong Liew


Scenery of the Titiwangsa mountain range while on the way back to Ipoh. Had to visit my grandma in the hospital.


Lunch at Tuck Kee restaurant @Pasir Pinji once we arrived in Ipoh. Despite the late hour (about 2pm) there was still a long line queuing up outside for their famous roast chicken/pork and duck rice. The inside of the restaurant is air-conditioned. We ordered roasties for two, including roast duck, charsiew (sweet-basted roast pork) and pork sausage.

The duck was really tasty! Now I know why they’re famous for it. The balance of fat and lean meat was just right, it didn’t have a strong odour and wasn’t too salty. I love the caramelised skin with the layer of fat underneath which melts in my mouth.


House specialty tofu, which came in a brown broth and topped over with mushrooms. The portion was really big. The tofu was mixed with egg before deep frying and topped over with the sauce.

Tuck Kee Restaurant

1 Persiaran Tokong | Pasir Pinji, Ipoh 31650Malaysia
+605 – 254 1906


Breakfast the next morning. One cannot simply leave Ipoh without having a few deep fried yong liu (assorted fried goodies) with noodles tossed in soysauce and crunchy Ipoh beansprouts.


Til next post!

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