Food Review: Chinese New Year Menu @ Tuck Kee Restaurant, Ipoh

On the second day of Chinese New Year, my relatives booked two tables at Tuck Kee Restaurant in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh. The place is well known among locals and has been around for years. They are especially famous for their roasties (duck, pork, chicken), although the last time I came, the quality was not up to par, with the exception of the duck.



It was extremely packed. Our group of 20 were split into two small tables that were meant for 8 people at most but had to accommodate 10 people each, and tables were arranged so closely together that it was immensely difficult to move once we’ve sat down.

There was only one exit in the center of the room, and it got me wondering…if a fire occurred, everyone would well and truly be roasted lol. I understand that Chinese New Year is a busy time and they want to get as much business in as possible, but I strongly disagree with the restaurant’s actions of putting profit over safety.


It was also clear that the staff was overwhelmed. Service was very slow. It was difficult to get any waiters to pay attention to our requests since we were seated in the the far corners of the room. To cater to the high surge, they hired young waiters who were inexperienced at table etiquette; unceremoniously placing dirty bowls on the table while they were clearing it, for instance.

Our yee sang came first, and was served in a hurry. Tastewise, it was nothing impressive.We then had to wait for almost an hour for the rest of the dishes to arrive.


Steamed fish in spicy sauce. Tasted meh.


Other meh-tasting items. Stir fried prawns, pork knuckles braised with seamoss. They also mixed up our order of noodles and rice between the two tables.


As mentioned, their specialty is the selection of roasties. Our chicken and duck was very tasty, but among all the dishes, this was the only saving grace. A shame, seeing that Tuck Kee has been a stalwart among the old-time restaurants in Ipoh. As a kid growing up, I’ve dined here many times but the quality has suffered tremendously over the last few years.

My opinion doesn’t really matter coz the fam would probably still come here anyway out of habit, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone other than for the roasties. Feel free to read other blogs though, all of which seem to have a high opinion of the resto. Sorry, i don’t share the sentiment. Personal opinion. 😀 

*Try not to come here during the festivities because they will try to chuck in as many people as possible in a tight space. The place should be checked for violating fire safety laws.

PS: Not to be confused with the other Tuck Kee in Ipoh town center, which serves bean sprout chicken.

TUCK KEE (non-halal) 

1-3, Jalan King, Taman Hoover, 31650 Ipoh, Perak

Phone: +605 254 1906

Tuck Kee @Pasir Pinji, Ipoh

Before heading back to KL, the familia and I dropped by Tuck Kee for lunch. It’s a famous restaurant in Pasir Pinji which serves Cantonese cuisine. They are especially famed for their roasted items. When we got there, there was a reallllllyyyy long queue outside for takeaway. We managed to get some seats in the crowded shop and ordered what we had the last time around – three roasties of pork done in two styles (sweet basted – charsiew; crispy pork – siew yuk) as well as roast duck.


The quality seems to have dropped a fair bit. The siew yuk skin was not crunchy, and the char siew was cold and hard. It might be due to the large volume they have to prepare for the crowd, but meh. The only saving grace was the roast duck, which was still as juicy and tender as ever.


To go with the heavy meat, something more palate cleansing – sitr-fried tofu with mushrooms, seafood and assorted vegetables.

The waitress here was not very honest. We asked her for stir-fried vegetable suggestions, and she offered us a few which were quite pricey. When we asked if they had a certain type of vege (my mum has stomach probs and cant eat certain foods), said waitress said it was not available – so we had to order an expensive dish.

Turns out when we were leaving, we spotted the vege at another table. Which was not very honest of the waitress, because we ordered only a few cheap dishes and I guess they wanted to do more sales.



BTW, Tuck Kee is a lou jiu pai (old brand) which has been around for years. So despite above complaints, I guess my family and I will still be dropping by next year… (coz of the duck. And old habits die hard anyway)

Tuck Kee restaurant 

1 Persiaran Tokong | Pasir Pinji,Ipoh 31650, Perak,Malaysia

Tel: 605 – 254 1906
Open: lunch and dinner (daily)

Ipoh Food Trip: Tuck Kee Roast Duck + Yong Liew


Scenery of the Titiwangsa mountain range while on the way back to Ipoh. Had to visit my grandma in the hospital.


Lunch at Tuck Kee restaurant @Pasir Pinji once we arrived in Ipoh. Despite the late hour (about 2pm) there was still a long line queuing up outside for their famous roast chicken/pork and duck rice. The inside of the restaurant is air-conditioned. We ordered roasties for two, including roast duck, charsiew (sweet-basted roast pork) and pork sausage.

The duck was really tasty! Now I know why they’re famous for it. The balance of fat and lean meat was just right, it didn’t have a strong odour and wasn’t too salty. I love the caramelised skin with the layer of fat underneath which melts in my mouth.


House specialty tofu, which came in a brown broth and topped over with mushrooms. The portion was really big. The tofu was mixed with egg before deep frying and topped over with the sauce.

Tuck Kee Restaurant

1 Persiaran Tokong | Pasir Pinji, Ipoh 31650Malaysia
+605 – 254 1906


Breakfast the next morning. One cannot simply leave Ipoh without having a few deep fried yong liu (assorted fried goodies) with noodles tossed in soysauce and crunchy Ipoh beansprouts.


Til next post!