Housewarming Party BBQ

Hi! I haven’t been updating as often as I want to, so here’s a short post.

Went to visit C’s new house at Koi Kinrara, Puchong. She bought a second-hand apartment there for RM400k.. I wonder when I will have the money to buy a house. Probably never.. with what I’m earning. 😀


The place is rather far in and the road there is double parked with lots of vehicles, coz there’s a badminton court nearby. Very clean, nice environment, windy (coz its on a hilly area), nicely kept lawns and fairly new buildings. There’s also a gym and a swimming pool. We had the BBQ next to it, where residents can rent the pit for a fee.

It’s really hard for my generation to own a home these days. Unless you’re in a lucrative career (like C, she’s a very good salesperson. Her end of year bonus  = my annual income).


Apparently she’s really good at barbecuing stuff as well. The chicken wings were well marinated and grilled to tender, honeyed perfection. We also had pizza and sandwiches sam_0086-tile

Would like to swim in a pool at night :3



Yep. Just a short post to keep you guys updated.

On another note, the MH370 flight is still missing. The rumour mill is having a field day. Hoping to get some real news soon.

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