Travel Diaries: ArtSphere20/8ty@The Atmosphere – Collection of 3D Mural Art

So I recently went to a new place called ArtSphere20/8ty @ The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan. It’s an open air concept building that will house various retail outlets, banks, F&B shops, etc. once it’s fully opened. What makes it unique is that it has 80 different 3D art murals in various corners of the buildings. Visitors are free to take pictures with the paintings.


At the entrance, visitors will be greeted by the ‘Mini Car’ piece, which has an actual part of a car protuding out from the wall.




Didn’t manage to explore every single nook and cranny, as the place is pretty big and there are often small ones hidden here and there.  I’d recommend spending some time to see if you can find all of them! The name 20/8ty is to signify 80 murals done by 20 very talented artists.




Boy in treehouse (above) and ‘Girl in baju kurung reaches up to pluck fruit’. I think this is pretty 3D looking! Some of the props helped make the paintings look more realistic.




A giant Snakes and Ladders games that visitors can play (dice are provided).



More clever use of props. The fire hose was used in this piece called ‘Saving Fire’.


This is one of the pieces that look quite 3D imo. You need to stand at a certain spot to capture it to maximum effect though. It’s called ‘Staircase’ by artist, Angel Ng.



Overall, it’s a really fun place to chill and take pictures! Spend some time exploring and posing with the murals to get your favourite 3D effect. Now you don’t have to pay so much and go all the way to Trick Art Museum in Shah Alam to take photos. I’ll definitely come back when they have more cafes open, coz there isn’t anything to see right now other than the artworks.

The Atmosphere, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat, Seri Kembangan. (next to Giant Seri Kembangan)

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