Colour Me Vivid – Pasar Seni Graffiti, Kuala Lumpur

If you’ve never been down the banks of the Klang River next to Central Market, it’s a good idea to take a trip there.  Urban city sights like awesome graffiti are sprawled across a whole stretch of riverbank walls, so why not get up close and personal with them? You’ll soon forget the dirt and heat of the concrete enclosed river when faced with these raw and artistic expressions.

I’ve been down here before for my Photojournalism assignment – title was to capture The Art of the City. Some unscrupulous fart even threw a glob of chilli sauce down and it hit my shirt wtf. Despite that unpleasant experience, I had fun kicking dead fish washed ashore back into the river admiring the vibrant pieces of artwork here. The City Hall regularly whitewashes the wall to make way for new artworks – I used to think that they were just getting rid of the graffiti. Last weekend there was a Kul Sign Festival – a small-scale indie celebration of graffiti and street culture.

The mini festival featured booths selling merchandise from graffiti artists and art studios, with street dance battles, beatboxing and a small skate ring smack outside Central Market. This is, according to Luffy, They from graffiti crew TLG’s fly pimped up ride.

And then it was down to the riverbanks for the main attraction – the graffiti contest. Sad to say that there weren’t many people down there, but among those were some with real talent : like this guy here. Love the detail on his work, it’s not easy to make all those shadows using spray nozzles, since it’s harder to control the nozzles, and it’s different from using a pen. Also it’s hard to erase once you’ve sprayed it on.

I was telling Luffy that we can enter the next time they have this kinda competition, if he’s not embbarassed with our noob art. hahh

Tools of the trade.

It’s refreshing to see that there’s an outlet for youths to express themselves, despite us being a generally conservative country. Youths everywhere are a misunderstood generation – some people can’t understand why we defile our bodies with tattoos, or piercings, or go skateboarding where there’s always a chance you might break an ankle. But sometimes, like Bon Jovi says,
“I just wanna live while I’m alive.” 

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