Your Blood is Red Like Mine

Life would be pretty boring if everyone was made the same. We’d all be like Agent Smith – well in a way I guess it has it’s perks – you don’t need to worry about wearing mismatching outfits because you’d wear the same thing everyday. Nobody would have to answer questions in class anymore, because everyone would have the same answer. Everyone would just eat the same food…. wtf man that’s a nightmarish world.
I always think a little diversity in life is what makes life awesome.
Ironically, while we are told to ‘Just be yourself’, we are judged once we move away from what society deems ‘norms’. Tattooed kids are automatically bad eggs, heavy metal is a form of devil worshipping music, graffiti artists are vandalists,  hipsters are artsy slackers who live off their parents money.
What is a norm? Sometimes just coz people do it often and it’s accepted as the way of life doesn’t make it okay.  Child marriages in many countries are the norm. These are supposedly ‘respected men’ who take in kids as young as 8 as brides. Does an inked guy merit the same kind of scorn compared to these respected men, for example?
People are quick to judge on physical appearances. Heck, I’m not saying I’m not. I’m attracted to cute guys too. Humans were made to be visual. But before you judge others, stop to think about it for a moment. In the end, even if someone looks and acts like a perfect gentleman in society’s eyes, if they have a horrible personality, it all comes down to nothing. I know people who choose to be different, because they like how they look and act – and inside they’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

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