Macau Day 3 – Home

Really sorry for the lack of updates.. been sooo lazy lately and no mood to blog ^^ Busy gaming and reading Ranma (407 chapters! And I’m only at 50, lol). It seems not many people visit this blog anyway.

This is my third post about Macau, so enjoy!


Woke up a little later on the last day of our visit to Macau island. Flight would be in the evening so we decided to do some more sightseeing.Walked around to this temple/monastery near our hotel and took a few pix, then walked back to the hotel again. Lol


The famed casino in Macau : the Venetian!
Wanting to save on taxi money, we foolishly decided to walk to the place, since our hotel’s pretty receptionist told us we could get there on foot.
OMG it was so frickin’ far! We walked for over half an hour, until our legs nearly broke. Lol.
We finally made it!
The Venetian is a 5 star hotel/casino/shopping centre and it is themed on Venice and European grandiose. The interior is decorated with mock buildings in an old European style.
Quaint lamps decorating a ‘street’.
The whole ceiling was painted to resemble a blue sky with white clouds. They also have deep blue water canals where gondoliers will take you around and sing, just like in Venice (for a price, of course).
The mock buildings were really beautiful and elaborate. Makes me want to go see the real Venice!
dsc03956-copy dsc03961-copy
Bro remembering his gf back in Malaysia and acting emo… just kidding he doesn’t have one
Soaring columns of gold in the shopping center. Felt like I was in a palace or something!
Pinocchio puppet. It looked so life like with its intricate costume and beady eyes that seem to look at you.
They had this whole shop selling dolls such as these with costumes straight out of the renaissance era. They also sold beautiful masks of gold, silver and every colour imaginable, such as those you see in movies and costume parties. The mysterious stranger with the mask asks the heroine for a dance.
I couldn’t take pictures though because the salesperson shooed me away (rather rudely) when they saw me trying to.
The sight was so beautiful and mysterious: all those lovely masks arranged neatly on the wall, of every shape and colour and hues imaginable.
A gondolier on his rounds
And man, can these guys really sing ! With their soprano voices that ring clear and loud, the whole stretch down the canal could hear their melodic voices.
Souvenirs on sale
Ceiling with beautiful paintings. Bro was like ‘Yer why so many naked people one’ lol.
Even the toilet was super grand
One of the gondoliers was kind enough to pose for me, but it was hard to get a good shot becoz the boat was moving and my camera sucks and the light was bad. T__T
But OMG the guy was like, SUPER HOTTTT!
Dark hair, fair skin, dark dark eyes, deep soprano voice. (not to mention hot bod and muscular arms ;P)
Even hotter than jared leto if i may say so… *nah, jared’s always the hottest * ^^
Time for lunch! There’s this famous row of shops here that sells good food. I think it was called Rio de Cunha, or something along those lines. Road names here are a mouthful.
Nothing like a piping hot, fresh out of the oven glazed egg tart on a cold day!
The lane that sells so many goodies and delectables. I wish I could’ve tried every shop ( and regret it later when I tip the scales) but even the glutton-est part of me could’nt stuff so much in one day. There was just too many to choose from.
My last ever pork chop bun here.
I’ve fallen in love with you, pork chop bun !
When will I ever see or taste you again?
And so, ends my holiday. I enjoyed it, short though it was. 😀

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