New Year’s Eve 2017

This comes a week late, but Happy New Year! My resolution this year is the same as it has been for the last two years: to be happy. When I frame it that way, I think that I achieve goals better, because aren’t we all looking for happiness at the end of the day in whatever we do? 🙂

On New Year’s Eve, the fam and I had a hotpot dinner outside our house. It was bloody hot but that was part of the fun. Moomikins was really excited and even bought a small gas stove just for it. Then we got all the ingredients ready: shrimp, seafood tofu, pork balls, fish balls, noodles, dumplings, fried beancurd skin, needle mushrooms, shabu-style thin-cut meat, etc.


We were expecting a couple more people but they couldn’t come so there was a lot of extra food. Also fried up some cocktail sausages and moomikins whipped up a pretty good chicken curry to go with toasted parathas. Then dad wanted a large pizza .__.” hello pops if you failed to notice we have a lot of extra food 


Cooking the stuff ! It’s nice to be able to cook hotpot at home sometimes. We should do this more often 😀

Dinner was over by 10PM and I was in bed by 11. Told the bf to wake me up at midnight so that we could wish each other Happy new Year lol. Somehow I don’t feel left out or unhappy that I’m not out there partying.. I think it’s something that comes with growing up (or growing old, more like! :P)


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