Travelogue Japan: Fresh, Local Produce @ Miyagawa Morning Market, Takayama

Want to shop like a local? Stop by Miyagawa Morning Market in the city of Takayama in Gifu, where you’ll find fresh local produce, crafts, souvenirs, food fresh off the grill, regional specialties, and more.


The market is one of the largest morning markets in Japan with over 60 stalls stretching a length of 350m next to the roaring Miyagawa River which cuts across town. On a sunny day, you can walk down to the river bank and soak in the sights of the clear, rushing river water, in some parts stocked with koi fish.

DSC_0086 copy


The early bird gets the worm – or in this case, the choicest goods! The market starts at 6.30AM, and 8AM in winter until noon.


Undoubtedly a tourist spot, we saw many travelers from China, Korea and even some Western tourists, which is pretty rare beyond the confines of large cities like Kyoto and Tokyo.


DSC_0109 copy

Seller sorting out some beans.

There is another older market in front of Takayama Jinya, called Jinya-mae, which dates back 300 years! Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to pay a visit.


Some sort of colourful corn that I’ve never seen before!

DSC_0100 copy

Vivid displays of vegetables in bright hues. Everything looked so fresh and tasty!

DSC_0095 copy

DSC_0102 copy

Aside from vegetables and fruits, there were also stalls selling snacks. Got a bottle of non-alcoholic sake as a gift for the fam.

DSC_0093 copy

Local specialties.


Finally got to try the famous Hida beef! It was quite pricey (like RM15 for a skewer) but good – juicy, flavourful and tender.


While waiting for the guys to finish their shopping, Mariko-san and I had some dango (glutinous rice balls on skewers). One was basted in a sweet-savoury miso, while another had been wrapped in a seaaweed before being grilled. The texture was chewy like mochi with a smoky, slightly charred flavour. Not my cup of tea; I prefer them to be sweet. 😀

Getting There 

The Miyagawa Morning Market is a 10-min walk from the JR Takayama Station.



3 thoughts on “Travelogue Japan: Fresh, Local Produce @ Miyagawa Morning Market, Takayama

  1. Sounds like a lovely morning can be spent here 🇯🇵 I had to take a good look at those pictures of the multi coloured corn 🌽 How’d you enjoy travelling japan? Hoping to see it soon


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