Ngok San Temple, Kuala Kubu Bharu

While leaving Kuala Kubu Bharu after lunch, we saw a few Chinese temples, set at the foot of the hills nearby. We decided to stop by at one called Ngok San Temple. It’s hard to miss, since the building is brightly painted in shades of yellow, green, red and pink. To access the place, simply follow the yellow signs leading through a JKR settlement.

Hot pink steps.

According to the caretaker, the temple has 123 years of history and is dedicated to several deities, the main one being ‘Si Ye’ (I have no idea which one that is, we have so many deities in Buddhism/Taoism). While the building wasn’t very big, the architecture was pretty, with the customary red lanterns, dragons and phoenixes adorning the entrance + two guardian Foo dogs outside.


Interior chamber with open air area, allowing sunshine to filter in. 

View from inside the temple facing out.

Images of phoenixes on the temple walls.


An elaborate wooden carving of deities and heavenly scenes hanging from the rafters.

Gold tipped ceremonial spears.

Rich, velvet red tapestries with tassels and gold caligraphy.

Main prayer hall with several deities. Si Ye (in the center), flanked by Guanyin(goddess of mercy) on the right and another deity on the left.

Other deities housed in smaller shrines, this one made to resemble a jade backdrop.

Resident doggy. Gave it some pets and it followed us all the way back to our car. 🙂

After leaving the temple, we stopped by outside a Hindu temple for more pictures. The place was closed so could only take them from the outside.

All in all, a fun day trip to KKB ! Beats walking at shopping malls and getting caught in the traffic going there.Sometimes it’s nice to explore your own backyard and learn about the culture and history.

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