Casio Malaysia Launches New EXILIM EX-TR80 for Perfect Selfies


Did you know the first ‘selfie’ ever taken was back in 1839? Robert Cornelius, an American photographer, created the first daguerreotype (an early form of photo) of himself by uncovering the lens of his machine, running into the shot and posing (for a minute or more, since the process back then was slow) and then replacing the lens cap. Voila – first selfie in history!

The teens of today aren’t the only ones who found selfies fashionable. In 1914, 13-year-old Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia took her own picture in the mirror to send to a friend. So you see, our penchant for vanity isn’t a new thing 😛 It’s just that with instant cameras and smartphones, users are able to take it to a whole new level. And as our love for selfies continue to dominate trends, companies such as Casio are developing new and improved features to cater to this demand.

Casio Malaysia recently launched the EX-TR80; the latest addition to the EXILIM TR family of digital cameras, nationwide. Combining beauty, functionality and practicality, the camera is designed to enhance your selfie-taking experience. Sleeker than its predecessor, the EX-TR70, the new product comes with ‘all star’ make-up mode with more than 9,000 combinations, a wider LCD image display and double LED lighting. Who needs a studio when you’ve got a compact, portable one that you can take everywhere? 😀

Casio is no stranger to the selfie market, having exclusively developed a line of cameras highlighting their selfie functions. This one is no exception. The EX-TR80 is equipped with customizable presets such as six beauty settings (skin tone, smooth skin – to get rid of those pesky blemishes! – face brightness, sculpting, dark circles remover and slim face), all of which enhances one’s looks with or without makeup! Who needs Photoshop anymore ? 😛

The camera also has a new advanced Intelligent Make-up Mode, to produce finer images under various ambiences. It automatically adjusts settings when exposed to different lights, so that the images appear consistently natural.

Then there’s the Double LED light function, to capture objects clearly even in dim environments. I know I always appear like a squinting lunatic in night photos because of the flash, so with this, users need never worry about that again? 😀

For better viewing, the camera’s wide split-screen image display (3.5inches) is larger by 30% than the previous model. There’s also a refined interface with a simple and user-friendly approach, making selfie-taking easy-peasy. You can fine-tune the makeup mode settings to its best, as well as tag your favourite images for easy access. Like Snapchat and Instagram, one can add artistic effects to the images such as ‘Fairy’, ‘Nostalgia’ (retro-colours), Foggy (softer ambience), and more. And since it IS a digital camera, it supports recording movies with different effects.

Design-wise, users will love the wedge-shaped body that is convenient to handle while holding in one’s hands.The surface surrounding the lens is finely shaped, giving it a highly refined look, while ultra-fine processing technologies give it a sparkling shine.

It’d be boring if all your selfies were from the same angle, so the cam comes with freestyle rotation and mirror image inversion. Built with a dual-CUP and two parallel image processors, you don’t have to worry about the camera lagging while you take pictures. Wireless connection allows users to send their pictures to social media via connected smartphone.

The EX-TR80 is available in 3 colours, black, pink and white at selected outlets as well as on Lazada Casio Exilim Official Store and GEM FIVE Malaysia Online Store. It retails at RM4,099 (GST-inclusive). For more info, call Marco Heritage at +603-4043 3111.


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