I was driving to KL yesterday for an event and while making my way down a road, this large Toyota Vellfire came out of a junction at breakneck speed. I was going straight and had the right of way, so when I saw him speeding towards my side I tried to brake, but it was too late. The car hit mine squarely on the left, and because my tiny Viva is practically a toy, it went spinning in the opposite direction. Once the car screeched to a stop I sat for a few moments, stunned, before other cars started honking.

The other driver, a middle aged uncle, stopped further down the road and we got down to inspect our cars. The entire side of my left door was caved in badly, and my second door was also dented. His had light scratches on the bumper (ladies and gentleman, the difference between an expensive car and a cheapo one. It might potentially make the diff between life and death. too bad im poor lol). 

He admitted it was his mistake and offered to pay a few hundred bucks but I said this extent of damage would definitely cost at least a thousand. I could tell he didn’t want to make a police report because that would damage his insurance record, but since I insisted on making a report (you can’t claim insurance here unless you make one), he said okay. Exchanged numbers, etc. I called my dad, he advised me to make my report at KL’s Traffic Police Station HQ along Jalan Bandar, and arranged for a runner from the workshop I usually go to to meet me there at 11am.

Waited nearly two hours to get my report done, and the runner said he’d collect my final case report. I had to ready some documents like my license, IC, car insurance note etc so I only sent it to the workshop today.

I’m car-less until next week, at least.

In hindsight, I feel thankful I wasn’t hurt. The force of impact sent my car spinning out of control, and if there were any cars in front or from the opposite lane, things would have been bad. It made me realise, though, that life is short so we should really appreciate it and the ones important to us.

I’d put in more details but there’s still a report pending and I don’t want to get into trouble. Let’s just say I’m glad that everyone is safe.

Back to posting about Taiwan soon!




3 thoughts on “Thankful

    1. Yes, I know! I’m thankful nothing untoward happened. I don’t know, possibly pressures and stress culminating in road rage… but KL drivers are notorious for being terrible drivers anyway. xD

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