Nightlife @ Clark Quay, Singapore

Friends know that I’m somewhat of a Cinderella when it comes to hanging out past bedtime, coz I’m usually home by 12am. Never been much of a drinker (due to my ridiculously low tolerance to alcohol). Plus it’s not much fun to stay out late when all your friends get woozy on the dance floor and cheer up a toast, while you sit in a corner with a mocktail. 😀

But on my last night in Singapore, I decided to hell with playing the prim and proper nerd. I had a date with my high school bestie, G, and she wanted to get drinks.  Since she got off work late, we only arrived at Singapore’s party central, Clarke Quay, close to midnight.


Located at the mouth of the Singapore River, Clark Quay is a historical site that was once a key port for ships passing through from the Malay states of Perak, Sungai Ujong and Selangor. Today, five blocks of its restored warehouses have been converted into a sprawling expanse of bars, hotels and clubs. The place is lively even in the wee hours, with both locals and foreigners doing their nightly pub crawls.


G and I wandered around for a bit in search of food and a nice quiet place to talk. Most of the bars were filled with rowdy patrons, so it was awhile before we found a spot.

20161020_235646-tile  20161021_002326-tile

We finally settled for Ramen Keisuke, a Japanese chain specialising in lobster ramen. The interior, which seats about 60, is cosy with lots of wooden accents and a large bell in the middle of the dining area ala Japanese shrine (great for aesthetics, but not so much for space).

I had a drink called a Green Tea Cola, which was fizzy, sweet and super refreshing. Basically green tea, but cola-fied, like sparkling water. It was so addictive I had two bottles! 🙂

G had some Suntory Whiskey. Wasn’t too bad, but I was scared to take a shot so I watered it down so much it tasted like water xD


G opted for their Lobster Broth Ramen, which uses rock lobsters from France. The shells are pan-fried, crushed and simmered for six hours. I tried a sip. Personally, it didn’t taste very different from regular ramen soup to me (oy vey, all this hard effort is lost!)…although it was quite yummy, with a clear and sweet taste.


Being the Queen of Fried, I had to get something crunchy – in the form of Ebi Gyoza (shrimp dumplings). These were fried whole with the tails still on, served with a ginger and vinegar dip. Good, but nothing fancy.


The best item of the night, imo, was the Chicken with Homemade Tartar Sauce: juicy, fleshy pieces of meat that are battered and deep fried to crispy golden perfection. The meat was tender and well marinated, but what I liked was the creamy topping of hard boiled egg, mayo and onions, which the servers mix fresh at your table.

20161021_002429-tile    20161021_014203-tile

Walked around for a bit, but G hadn’t had her fill of alcohol so we hung out at one of the smaller street-style pubs.


I had some sort of mocktail which was syrupy sweet. But what blew me away was G’s Bailey’s with Milk. Never having had a Bailey’s in my life, I was surprised to find that when mixed with milk, the concoction tasted like coffee. A little dangerous imo, coz it’s easy to drink more than you should.


G actually wanted to get wasted, but it was 3AM and I couldn’t keep my eyes open, so we took a cab back to Orchard Road where my hotel was. Street was empty, but it didn’t feel dangerous or anything. Unlike KL lol.


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