Oct/Nov Outings and Eats

Hey guys!

We’re in the home stretch of 2016, as November slowly sidles into December. I regret to say that I haven’t fulfilled even half of my ‘new year resolutions’ – but it has been an interesting (and tumultuous) year, to say the least. I travelled a lot, ate a lot, failed to save, quit a job, was unemployed for a stretch, got a new job, struggled with issues, and rediscovered myself.

Here are pictures of some random eats and outings in the past two months.


Went out shopping with S at Sunway Pyramid. The Deepavali kolam there were just gorgeous. I want my life to be just as colourful and bright.


img_20161030_105510-tile img_20161030_120821-tile

Went to my favourite joint for Japanese ‘fast food’ – Yoshinoya and Hanamaru Udon, in which I had my usual noodles with onsen tamago (soft boiled egg) and a load of chicken karaage. They don’t make them like they do at Hanamaru Udon, man. S had the beef bowl with tender slices of meat on a warm, fluffy bed of rice.


Checked out an imported snack/grocery store and finally got the Samyang noodles from the infamous Fire Noodle challenge, along with (overpriced) Meiji chocolate and Japanese steak-flavoured potato chips.


I was too chicken to put in the whole pack of chilli, so it didn’t end up that spicy. I still prefer a good packet of Mi Sedaap.


Dimsum for breakfast always includes steamed dumplings of the hargau and siew mai variety, accompanied by deep fried shrimp beancurd roll (foochok).


On good days, the dad buys Nasi Lemak for our weekend breakfast – filled with spicy sambal goodness and fried anchovies + half a soft boiled egg. The best Nasi Lemaks are wrapped in banana leaf and enclosed in newspaper.


Tried something new at the Vegetarian joint and didn’t like it. Oyster mushrooms with brown rice. I’ll stick to their assorted mushroom set.


Lunch is an RM6 affair of fried egg, chicken fried in curry leaves and chilli and a side of stir fried brocolli, cauliflower and carrots. Oh, how the price of goods has increased.


And more vegetarian fare of soy-sauce noodles with blanched greens and mock meat.

That concludes this post. I’m just putting this here so I may look back on it in a couple of years and laugh at how random my youth has been. Toodle-O.

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