BBQ Plaza, The Mines

For my ‘farewell’ lunch, the colleagues treated me to a meal of mookata / Thai bbq at BBQ Plaza, The Mines. Unlike traditional bbq, Thai-style has a shallow pot with a protuding hotplate in the middle so you can grill and boil things at the same time.



We ordered the mixed family set (good for three small eaters) – which came served with a variety of meats, such as lamb, beef and pork + a tray of assorted goodies, including fish slices, shrimp, squid, fish noodles, chicken, bacon, pork balls and loads of veggies. The cabbage is refillable.


Looks like a lot, but actually isn’t. Or maybe I’m just a big eater. The meats are very thinly sliced for easier grilling, but that also means it’s not very filling. Guests can opt to add on garlic fried rice to go with the meal. Tastewise, everything was okay – good but not great. I think it’s more of the novelty of being able to grill/boil at the same time.


This was my favourite dish: Cheesy Bacon-wrapped needle mushroom and asparagus. The veggies on the inside were soft and mushy, complemented by the crisp and crunchy bacon on the outside, which had just the right amount of fat and lean meat. I had two plates 😛


Marinated grilled pork belly. Fatty but good. Then again, it’s the fat that always tastes good, hm?

Our meal came up to RM120. Pricey, but we also ordered some add-ons of pork belly/pork slices.

BBQ PLAZA (Mines branch) 

L3-30, Level 3, The Mines,

Jalan Dulang, Seri Kembangan.

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (daily)

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