Ramly was this Malaysian dude who made a living selling burgers on the street in the 1970s. Its unique taste and way of prepping boomed in popularity, making it a household name. Today, Malay-style street-stall burgers are often called ‘Ramly burgers’ – kind of like how people call tissues as Kleenex or USB flash drives as pendrives. They are an inexpensive yet tasty and iconic item in the Malaysian streetfood scene, and you can find them everywhere.

Usually cooked on a skillet, the juicy chicken or beef patty is wrapped in egg, and seasoned with Worchestershire sauce, paprika, Maggi seasoning, pepper or bbq sauce (different stalls have different styles), before being topped off with a giant dollop of mayo and chilli/tomato sauce and sandwiched between two buttered, toasted buns.

I always find it much juicier and more flavourful compared to regular American-style burgers, which tend to be dry in texture. The Ramly burger looks horrendously messy, but tastes wonderful. A must-try if you’re ever in Malaysia.