If there’s one thing that New Zealand is famous for (other than their beautiful nature, sheep, and Lord of the Rings), it’s the top quality of their fresh produce. Most of us have had the privilege to tuck into the country’s exported dairy products and NZ lamb, considered one of the finest in the world.

H & I attended the New Zealand Food Connection Malaysia 2016, which highlighted the best the country has to offer!


We often see the Anchor brand of dairy products, or Fernleaf as it is known on our local hypermarket shelves. But did you know that the company has a long history? – it dates back to 1886. Their range of products includes milk, cream and cheese.


Speaking of cheese, we got to sample some such as Gouda and Edam, served with fruits and crackers.


Sheep’s milk is less popular than cow’s milk, but it has loads of benefits. For one, it has lower lactose, so good news for those with lactose intolerance. Sheep’s milk is also easier to digest due to its high amount of medium-chain fatty acids. Here, the goodness of sheep’s milk is transformed into yummy, creamy gelato. 🙂


More sheep milk-based products: butter.

20160418_134158-tileFresh mussels air-flown from NZ 🙂


France may be better known for their grapes and wineries, but NZ is not too far behind.




The ice cream was quite lovely – creamy and sweet – and inspired by the famous Kapiti brand.