Spring Cleaning

I am messy af, so my room tends to get very cluttered after a few weeks. Usually I only clear out the tables and shelves (since they get piled high up with books), but today I went the whole hog and cleaned out my drawer as well.

And discovered loads of things I forgot I was still keeping….


Colourful cartoon badges. These were all the rage in college. The characters are from a local doll maker called dooodolls.


Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid CD – signed and autographed by the guys themselves, no less! In my early college days, I was crazy about TH, and when they came for their concert/meet-and-greet, I dragged my ex to queue up at the mall as early as 9am. The concert was at 7pm.


Got rid of my old mooncake box to free up some space. It’s still in good condition even though I’ve used it for 10 years as storage for my accessories. High school was a time I fawned over Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, as you can see from the numerous stickers around the box lol.

20160403_102533-tile 20160403_103054-tile

Old accessories. I barely wear these anymore, so I threw some away.


Newer stuff which I still put on now and then.


A customised mermaid bookmark, one half of Kat’s earrings that I borrowed for a party and forgot to return, and a pouch (I forgot who gave it to me lol).


Customised money pouch.


Gifts from friends who went overseas. Candles from Maldives, and a keychain/bookmark from Sabah.


Idk which snarky friend gave me this but it gave me a good laugh.


Capsule toys, blood donation book and a doll from a Hong Kong 7-11 which Tom gave me and which I completely forgot about. I’d like to dump it and be done with anything to do with him, but the doll is really cute so.


And of course, this hilarious student ID. This was taken in 2004, which makes it 12 years ago.

I was looking at it and laughing at how much of a skinny bad bitch I looked like in the pic. I didn’t fit into school and was constantly bullied, so I hung out with delinquints. High school was an interesting time – not always pleasant, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Clean, orderly shelf! Give it like a week or two to become messed up again.


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