Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial KL

These pictures have been lying around for so long I almost forgot that I went for this Chinese New Year food tasting at Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial KL.

Well… as they say, better late than never. So even though the promotion is over, guests can still hop on over there to try their daily dishes. The food is pretty tasty!


For starters, we had the traditional Yee Sang (Chinese salad) tossing, which is to invite good tidings for the year. It is usually served with slices of carrots, radish, crackers and pomelo, before the mix is poured over with plum and  fish sauce. The version here also jellyfish, monkey head mushrooms and banana. Refreshing and an interesting blend of textures.

We also tried the Yu Sheng with 20 Head Green Lip Abalone and Snow Pear in Traditional Style and Celestial Court Boston Lobster with Peach Yu Sheng, which had a whole lobster hugging a fuzzy peach.



After that cold and refreshing salad, it was time to warm the tummy up with a nice soup – Braised Superior Bird’s Nest Broth with Assorted Seafood and Spinach. I was a bit surprised as birds nest is usually boiled into a dessert. The spinach was minty whilst giving the broth a jade-green colour. Birds nest, made from the saliva of swallows, is said to be very nutritious and has been used in beauty and health remedies for ages.


Thick Broth with Baby Lobster, Shredded Jade Abalone, Dried Scallop and Sea Cucumber had that savoury, starchy taste similar to shark’s fin soup.


One of my favourites, even though it was super spicy: Sauteed Fresh Scallop and Sliced Cuttlefish with Flower Fungus and Garden Greens in Spicy Beijing Sauce. There was chewy cuttlefish, crunchy flower fungus, fresh veggies and moist, meaty scallops. The sauce was spicy without overpowering the sweet taste of seafood. Perfect 10!


Equally good was the Braised 20 Head Green Lip abalone with Goose Web, Sea Cucumber in Superior Brown Sauce. It was my first time trying goose web, and the feet was braised to such tenderness that it melted off the soft bones almost instantly.


Another awesome dish? Duo Combination of Tiger King Prawn, Deep fried with Spicy Chilli Salt and Sauteed in Sichuan Style. Juicy, succulent and large tiger prawns fried to crispy perfection, complemented by a spicy sauce, garlic and spring onions. What more can one ask for in life?


The larger serving so that everyone could share.


Last but not least in the lineup of savoury dishes, Braised Authentic E-Fu Noodle with Seafood, Dried Oyster and Bean Sprout in Abalone Sauce. We didn’t know that noodles could be cooked so well – it was bliss with every bite. The abalone sauce gave it a sweet and savoury touch, allowing the silky noodles to slip down the throat; while the shrimp was juicy and springy, oysters big and succulent, and veggies fresh and crunchy.


For desserts, Double-Boiled Bird’s Nest with Red Dates, Sweet Pear, White Ginseng and Snow Fungus. Nourishing, but not my favourite as I felt it was too sweet.

Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur 

Opening hours: 12noon to 2.30pm, Mon – Sat

Sundays and Public Holidays, Dim Sum brunch from 10.30am to 2.30pm.

Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily.

Tel:  03-27179900 ext 6933, or visit http://www.sheratonimperialkualalumpur.com/celestialcourt

3 thoughts on “Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial KL

      1. Seriously? What a relief to know. I’ll surely remember this teaching for the rest of my life. I always eat dimsum evry time I visit a chinese restaurant.


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