Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee SS2

Pan mee is a unique noodle dish originating from China. A Hakka-Chinese creation, the name literally translates to ‘flat flour noodle’ – usually hand kneaded, cut into thick or thin (or shredded) before being cooked in a soup. There are also ‘dry’ versions that come with fried anchovies and minced meat before being tossed in a dark soy sauce.


‘Chilli’ pan mee is something that caught on in recent years, and we Malaysians have an absolute love affair with these simple but delicious noodles. One place that serves a good version of this is Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee in Chowyang, SS2 Petaling Jaya. The no frills resto is usually crowded with people from all races and all walks of life, especially on weekends and during lunch hour.

Their specialty, the chilli pan mee (RM7), comes with minced meats, crunchy anchovies, spring onions and a poached egg. You can add as much or as little chilli as you want, depending on your own taste. The proper way to eat it is to break the egg and let the yolk ooze out, before mixing everything so that it coats the noodles with a creamy, silky texture. Hmm.


I came here on New Year’s day with Mabel and Jo, who loves her spice! Look at how much chilli she added. That Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge has nothing on her lol.


Mabel had the soup version, which also comes with leafy vegetables and some beancurd sheets.


Additional snack: Hakka fried pork meat. This was juicy and tender without being too fatty (RM9).


42, Jalan SS2/10, Taman Bahagia,
47000, Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03-7877 2281

They also have branches in various parts of the Klang Valley. For more details, visitΒ

9 thoughts on “Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee SS2

      1. There used to be a good dry pan mee (banmian for us) place near where I worked! Then they closed πŸ˜”


    1. Hi Lily! You can try out Jalan Alor, which is just behind Sungai Wang Plaza in Bukit Bintang. It’s a street food haven with all sorts of dishes. I’m sure they have Pan Mee noodles there. You shouldn’t miss their charcoal-roasted chicken wings too – it’s the last stall at the end of the line called Wong Ah Wah. Have a good trip to KL ! πŸ™‚


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