The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015

The BBW Book Sale (that’s Big Bad Wolf, you…) is an annual book sale held on a massive scale, where thousands of titles go for cheap.

I’ve been attending them religiously for the past few years, but as I still have many books left unread, I decided to skip it this year.

Or so I thought.

C wanted to check it out, so we hopped on over to The Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center (MIECC) in Seri Kembangan after work yesterday.



Maybe it was coz it was a weekday evening, but it felt quiter than usual. Past events have always had long queues of people even before entering the hall, and you’ll see crowds of people sitting cross-legged on the floor with luggage bags containing their purchases. The first few years, they asked you to bring your own cardboard boxes but now they provide small trolleys for visitors, which is much more convenient.


A heaven for book lovers!

They rearranged the layout, which had me confused. The counters were at the far end and the fiction/non-fiction section had been switched from last year. You can tell they’re way more ‘commercialised’ now. I used to be able to walk around in peace without getting accosted by credit card staff asking me to sign up every 10 metres.


Upstairs is the F&B section for those wanting a quick break between shopping. Did I mention that the fair is open 24 hours? You know… for when you get the urge to buy some books at 3am.


Guess it isn’t just tolls, bills, electricity, water.. (and everything else) that’s increasing. Even my beloved book prices have increased too. 😦

Although they are still relatively affordable, most of the books are now priced at RM10 -12 instead of RM5-8 like in previous years.

I was disappointed at their non-fiction selection, because there weren’t many titles to choose from. The columns of books stacked on neat islands were mostly the same books. Fiction was slightly better. but I couldn’t find many good Horror titles. They had upwards of 8 columns dedicated to Romance alone.. guess chiclit sells more than some gory Stephen King (who, incidentally, is my favourite author).


After three hours, I got just two books. I wouldn’t put it down to better self control: I think it’s because this year’s titles were just not attractive enough. I didn’t find many books that I liked or where I felt like OMG-I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-THIS. Last year I bought almost 30 in one go.

Titles: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory – historical fiction on the Plantagenets, who ruled before the Tudors. I love stories from the English middle ages, and Gregory writes it in a style that is easy to understand and match with actual events and characters in history. This book centers around Elizabeth Woodville, grandmother to one of the most infamous kings in England: Henry VIII.

Collector’s Book of Science Fiction by H.G Wells – I’m sure most of us have seen War of the Worlds, but I’m ashamed to say that I still haven’t read the famous novel. The book I got has a few of his stories thrown together, so looking forward to reading them. 🙂

The Big Bad Wolf Sales will be on until Dec 14. So if you’re looking to fill up your library, here’s a good place to get some bargains.

3 thoughts on “The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015

    1. Yep. You’d be surprised at how many people like shopping at 3am just because they can! 🙂 This year’s sale wasn’t as good as previous years though, they didn’t have many titles.

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