My Dreams Have Come True – Snickers Ice Cream Bar

When I visited the States earlier this year, I was  bowled over at the sheer variety of candy and junk food they have in their stores. Reese’s Butter Cups are not exclusive: you can walk into any Walmart and grab a load (they’re hard to find in Malaysia). Some of the more popular American candy like Snickers, Mars Bars, Twix etc have made it to Malaysian shores, but while shopping at Jaya Grocer the other day, I came across something that I’ve only dreamed of since I was a kid…


A Snickers Ice Cream bar. 


What. Is. This. Sorcery. 

While it might not seem like a big deal to an American, these are like the holy grail of the Snickers experience in Malaysia. I’ve never even seen one until I came across this. The price tag was quite hefty but like hell I was gonna miss this.


It looks just like a regular Snickers chocolate bar on the onside, but once you bite into it.. cold, sweet goodness. Peanut butter ice cream, gooey caramel, crunchy peanuts, all encased in a thin crispy layer of milk chocolate. I can’t believe such a dessert exists. Thank you, the genius who thought of making the already awesome Snicker bar even… awesomer.

Where can you get it ?

Jaya Grocer 

D Pulze Shopping Center

Persiaran Multimedia,

63000 Cyberjaya

Selangor, Malaysia

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