Of Dolls and Disney Princesses

So I got home from work yesterday and my mum showed me a (rather crumpled looking) Toys R’ Us paper bag.

“Open it.” she chirped enthusiastically.

“Uh, sure.”

So I opened the bag….. and found a bunch of Disney princess dolls with clip-on dresses, complete with plasticky dressing table and a flower-patterned changing screen.

“So wtf is this.”

“One of my kids gave it to me,” said mom. She refers to her kindie children as ‘her’ kids.

And since I had nothing to do, I decided to be five again.


Even as a kid, I was never one for dolls – so it was funny that I was playing with dolls as a grown-ass 25-year-old woman.

“Do you remember your Barbies?” my mum said as I fiddled with the sparkly dresses for Ariel, Belle and Elsa. “You drew over their faces with blue pen and cut off their hair. We never got you any more dolls after that.”

“It wasn’t my fault. They were supposed to be Amazon women, fighting against Ninja Turtles.”


Many little girls dream of becoming Disney Princesses.

Although I watched a lot of Disney cartoons as a kid, I never dreamed of becoming a princess, because I was never a a girly girl who liked skirts and pink and sparkly things. My toys were mostly gender neutral like Lego and Play-Doh.


Kids will love dressing up the princesses in different costumes.

Well, it beats playing on the computer all day, right?


It’s now my third day at my new workplace. Haven’t had much to do yet but the stuff is coming in fast. Going out for my first interview tomorrow. Anyway, if you’re wondering how my workplace looks like:


Yeah….looks like someone’s house. The publishing arm is actually an offspring of a property company so we used their showroom because there wasn’t enough space. I really like it though – I can rest on the sofas when I’m tired and it just feels a lot cosier than a rigid office environment.

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