More Eats and General Mish Mash

HAVING been with a reputable publication for the past two and a half years, I have been blessed with the chance to enjoy many of the finer things in life.  Just today, I had a scrumptious Japanese lunch with a beautiful view of the KL skyline at a Michelin starred restaurant – for free -something I could  only dream of if I had a ‘normal’ job. I’ve been lucky enough to win an iPad and a RM2,500 watch at media lucky draws. I get to eat nice food, get loads of freebies, travel to other countries, and earn a comfortable income with my job.

So why leave?

Like every other job in the world, there are funtimes and there are not-so-funtimes. I found that my dislike for the latter far outweighed my liking for the job. Having been at it for two years, I also found myself getting too comfortable with routine, which has inhibited my personal growth. Some of my seniors have been with the company for over 10, 20 years and I don’t want to  get stuck in that rut. Which was why when I saw another job that was more to my interests and expertise, I jumped at the chance.

The responsibilities will actually be heavier, and the pay slightly lesser. But I see the potential in this new company I’m joining; plus an opportunity for career advancement, which is important to me at this point in life.

I think many people don’t see me as an ambitious person because I’m mostly chill and laid back, passive and dislike confrontations. But I also feel that most people, even those close to me, do not really understand me because I tend to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.

I am actually quite driven to succeed; because I hate to lose, and to fail.

Anyway, what’s done is done. I’ve quit my current job and found another one. Even though I’m a little sad to leave some of my nice colleagues, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a load of my shoulders. I take that as a sign that I’ve done the right thing, because if I had really loved this job, I wouldn’t be feeling that way, innit?

Call me paranoid, but I know of some people who are just waiting for me to fail so that they can say I told you so.

But you know what?

Watch me. 


Enough serious ranting though ! How about some food photos?

For affordable pasta and eats, head to Tropicana City Mall at the newly open Little Fat Duck kiosk. They serve really cheap and rather yummy pastas, such as fish pesto (above) for only RM6! I added more fish so the bill came up to just RM9.50 with iced tea.


Wantan shrimp noodles at Zok Noodle House in Bandar Puteri. They made us wait forever for the dishes. Uber bad service. The food was okay, but come on non-peak hours instead. Their dimsum isn’t bad either.



I’m rarely in KL, but whenever I’m in the KLCC/Avenue K area, I make sure to grab a nice warm bowl of beef noodles with tripe from the Song Kee Beef Noodle stall in Avenue K’s food court. The noodles are springy and thin, topped with deliciously meaty minced beef in a sweetish sauce, and served with a big bowl of either beef balls or tripe. The Asian in me loves tripe. The meat and innards are extremely tender and just melts in your mouth when dipped in chilli. All for less than RM10.

This post was probably kinda random but thank you for reading! More to come.


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