Candy Heaven, Old Sacramento – The Sweetest Place on Earth


A place where you can eat candy and chocolate to your heart’s content – sounds like every child’s (and even some adults!) dream. And Candy Heaven in Old Sacramento, California is exactly that.


Sweets and candy of every shade and flavor imaginable line the colorful walls, which are painted over with rainbows and flying wizards…..


….Along with some not-so-friendly deco that might give children nightmares. An evil looking clown sits on the second floor, overseeing patrons. The set looks like it might have been thought up by someone on LSD, with the giant tie-dye tapestries. 


The best part about American candy stores?  You get to try stuff before buying them. As much as you want. (PS: You can’t do this in Malaysian candy stores.) You can even eat inside the store and then leave after you’ve had your fill, but why would you do that when you’re faced with an armada of lovely, sweet treats to bring home?


Americans love their taffy. Which is not very big in Malaysia. Some flavors are fine, but others taste quite odd. It was an interesting experience walking around the candy store and just fishing sweets out and eating them on the spot. I thought E was pulling my leg at first when he said I could unwrap them lol.

Ended up buying some chocolates to munch on, and some more to take home.


1201 Front St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States

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