Trying Balut – Filipino Street food @ Dollar Hits, Los Angeles

While I like LA and its relatively less congested roads, convenient public transportation, parks and facilities – during my two week stay I found myself missing Malaysia – for the food.

The loud, noisy hawker stalls and food courts, enjoying coffee at 1am in the morning at chic cafes, street food at bustling night markets, and just the overall food scene in general. There wasn’t much in terms of entertainment after dark in America, unless you count bars and clubs.


We went to Temple Street Market at Historic Filipinotown for a good ol’ fashioned outdoor street food barbecue, so I was pretty psyched.

Dollar Hits sells cheap and tasty Filipino favourites from a food truck. Customers place their orders and collect them before grilling them on several barbecue pits set up in the area. No seats, standing room only. The truck blasts OPM (Original Pilipino Music) while you cook and eat – giving the feeling that you’re really just somewhere in the Phils having dinner (if not for the freakishly cold weather!)


Soft drinks and melon juice + fruits.


I had chicken and pork isaw (intestines), Betamax (pork blood cubes), Adidas (chicken feet) and kwek kwek (battered quail eggs), among other things. I like chicken isaw the best because it doesnt have an offal-y smell and has a chewy texture. Not a big fan of the pork isaw because it wasn’t cleaned well. I think my least favourite was the Adidas – it was just tough, rubbery and tasteless.


I was feeling adventurous, so I tried… balut! E taught me how to open and suck out the juice and sprinkle some salt before eating.


Duck foetus gah D:

Tbh, it didn’t taste bad. It tasted like cooked poultry, except with lots of tiny bones. There was barely any meat on it to begin with. The yolk tasted creamy and fermented. I think it was just the idea of eating a baby thing that makes it repulsive to many. I had qualms about it myself lol.


There are no designated tables : everyone just cooks where there is an available grille. It adds to the whole ‘communal eating’ experience. The servers (and random people) here were friendly, but I think if you look Asian they assume you’re Filipino  I had a few people coming up and talking to me in Tagalog lolol.


  • 422 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States
  • Closed Mon – Weds
  • Operating hours: 630pm – 11pm

8 thoughts on “Trying Balut – Filipino Street food @ Dollar Hits, Los Angeles

  1. WOW! Cool.
    Traditionally, if it’s cold weather and still the Holidays, Filipinos eat puto bumbong and bibingka, which are paired with tsokolate. To warm you up inside.
    Isaw is nice. Can’t remember the last time I had one.


  2. I used to not be a big fan of isaw, but I think it’s a matter of choosing a really good food establishment or some random food place to be sure that it was prepared and cooked well! When you find one, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it more!
    I’m not a fan of balut, to be honest. I’ve had it once or twice in my lifetime, but my ornithophobia just makes it scary for me to eat.
    I’ve had chicken feet, but it’s my mom’s recipe of making it like really spicy adobo. Yum. 🙂


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