Jom Botak 2.0 – Bald for Cancer

Would you part with your hair in a show of support and solidarity?

It was already hard enough for me to chop off my long hair to my current length, so I admire the courage of these individuals who came together for Jom Botak 2.0 – Bald for Cancer –  organised by the National Cancer Council of Malaysia in conjunction with their twentieth anniversary. The event was followed by a night marathon with cancer survivors, where more than 5,000 participants took part.


I was assigned to cover the event, which also attempted to break their own record ofMost Shaved Heads in a Day that they achieved in 2012 with >300 people taking part. Sadly, this year they failed – but 167 still turned up despite the rain and muddy field.


It was heartening to see that people from all races and ages came to take part – and there were a lot of ladies in the crowd as well!


I spoke to dance coach Liew Mee Peng (left), who parted with her waist-length hair as a pledge to her students and friends, some of whom were battling cancer. Her story is an inspiring one.

“As a dance coach, my job is to motivate and encourage others. I have seen some of my students who have suffered cancer and are traumatised as to whether they will ever be the same again, even after treatment.

“For those who have undergone chemotherapy or lost a lot of weight as a result of cancer, I know it is not easy to look in the mirror. Which is why I promised my friends that if I can do this, they should come back and join my dance classes,” she said.

I wondered if I would be able to do the same if I were in her shoes.


Brave lady Nurhidayah Zainal, who shaved her head to show her support to her friend’s child, who is undergoing treatment for cancer and battling for his life.

I had family members who have passed away from this disease of the 21st century – and I know how much pain and suffering both they and their family go through, so it’s good to see people coming together to show their support and donate both their hair and money for the cause.

Would you go bald for cancer?



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